From White Oak distillery is located in Akashi near the town of Kobe in Japan (produces sake as well as whisky)
The distillery is owned by Eigashima Shuzo Co. Ltd
The original distillery was founded in 1888 and was the first in Japan to obtain a licence to distil spirits in 1919.
This whisky is a mix of 50% malt whisky and 50% grain whisky it has been aged in three different types of cask – ex-bourbon, Xeres and virgin oak casks
Matured in sherry casks


NAS - ABV 50%

£47.90 for 50cl (equivalent £67.20 for 70cl)

Colour – Deep Amber
Nose: Citrus fruits, dried apricots and floral honey
Palate: Creamy vanilla, exotic fruit and toasted oak with prickles of sweet spice
Finish: An elegant, medium length finish