A Whisky Appreciation Society that meets quarterly to discuss, taste and imbibe quality whiskies from around the world. 

In the land of Single Malts, it seems that the blend is the new King!

In a world dominated by Single Malts - as we tend to be within the WACWAC tasting room - for our November 2020 meeting, it was an adventure into the 'blurred' world of blended whiskies!

We needn't have worried - the whiskies we tasted this evening were superb.. The first three whiskies had been personally suggested by Ian Laurie and the evening ended up delivering a new WACWAC best whisky!

The four whiskies imbibed were:

  1. The Antiquary 12 yo
  2. Nikka from the Barrel
  3. Tullamore DEW 12yo Special Reserve
  4. Johnny Walker Blue Label (courtesy of an anonymous benefactor)

The evening was another excellent event in the WACWAC tasting room... and just like the whiskies we tasted, the friendships on the evening were an excellent blend..  Links to all these whiskies can be found under the 'Whiskies Tasted' section - and detais of the meeting can be found under the 'Meetings' section.



The date of our next meeting wil be decided shortly!


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