1      Belgian Owl

ABV:   46% ABV 

Price:  £59.16

Distillery: Fexhe-le-Haut-Clocher, Belgium – (West of Leige)

Copper stills made in 1898 for Caperdnich Distillery Speyside, which fell asleep

Hops from Hesbaye, adjacent to the distillery

Water from a 38 metre deep well in the distillery garden

Distilling started in 2004, first bottles available in 2007

2011 European Single Cask of the Year

No chill filtering

First-fill American Oak Bourbon casks



Nose:              Floral, roasted oak and toffee; conference pear; muscat; vanilla pudding & banana

Palate:            Honey, vanilla & coconut ice cream, candied ginger, apples fried in butter, plum tart

Finish:            Long finish, fruity & woody


With water:    soft butter in the centre of citrus