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In a world dominated by Single Malts - as we are within the WACWAC tasting world..  it was an adventure into the 'murky' world of blended whiskies!

We needn't have worried - the whiskies we tasted this evening were superb.. The first three whiskies had been personally suggested by Ian Laurie and the evening ended up delivering a new WACWAC best whisky!

Our first whisky was The Antiquary 12yo, one of Scotland’s oldest blends (+150 years), with its unique diamond-inspired shaped bottle (the easiest to knock over!) and its smooth, well-balanced deluxe blend of malt and grain whiskies with delicious mellowness.  Ian remembered this being his Dad's favourite whiskies.

The second whisky was Nikka from the Barrel from Japan's second largest distillery and a blend of more than 100 malt and grain whiskies ; full array of casks—bourbon barrels, sherry butts, refill hogsheads, and more!!

Our third whisky was from Ireland - Tullemore DEW 12 yo Special Reserve - all the whiskies in the blend are matured in old Bourbon and Oloroso sherry casks, slowly reaching their perfection. The sherry cask finish gives a sweet nuttiness to the taste.

Our final whisky was to become our highest-rated whisky - Johnny Walker Blue Label - a blend of the rarest whisky from this world famous brand – only one in ten thousand casks makes the grade. Hand picked by JW master blender Jim Beverage (!)