Starward Two Fold Double Grain

ABV:   40% ABV

Price:  £32

 Distillery:      Starward

Region:     Starward, Melbourne, Victoria

 Distilling started in 2009 – David Vitale in Starward, Melbourne, Victoria

 Variety of whiskies made by the same distillery:

        Fortis 50% in fresh American oaks Casks

        Solera 43% - in Arera casks (Aussie fortified wine)

        Nova 41% - mixed red wine casks

        Two Fold – 40% Grain whisky

        Tawny (tasting next)

 Whisky Awards: Two Fold

Best Australian Blend – 2019, World Whiskies Awards

Matured entirely in casks that previously held Australian red wine, using a combination of malted barley and Australian wheat.

Casks are used direct from the winery without any charring or re-coopering, giving a rich red wine influence.

Melbourne's weird and wonderful weather takes over. Blasts of arctic breeze from the south and harsh desert winds from the north have given our city a reputation for experiencing 'four seasons in a day'. And while it's frustrating not knowing whether to pack an umbrella, sun hat or both, the weather does incredible things to the whisky.

Fluctuating temperatures mean our whisky interacts with the barrel at a much more rapid rate than it would in Scotland. It's also a lot drier in Melbourne, which increases our whisky's ABV instead of decreasing it.


Nose:            red fruits, buttery pastry, creamy vanilla, warm baking spices, banana bread

Palate:          notes of tropical fruits, oak spice, apple, coffee

Finish:           Brown sugar, cinnamon and peppercorn.