Akashi Single Malt Whisky - £62.25


46% ABV


Distillery:        White Oak (Eigashima)

  • From 1880s have been distillers of sake (rice wine) and shochu (rice/barley/sweet potato distilled spirit) – uses same water source
  • 1984 – first blended whiskies
  • 2007 – first single malt whiskies
  • Large annual swings in temperature results in faster maturation

Small family-run distillery – only 40k litres p.a.


Akashi produced using Scottish lightly peated barley

Aged in two different types of casks – Ex-Bourbon 3 years, Ex-Sherry for 2 years


Colour:           Pale Gold 

Nose:              Sherry, sweet, baked apple, slight prune

Palate:            Cream, slight smoke, smooth, mellow, strong oak, vanilla, honey

Finish:            soft, smooth texture, port-like, very faint dark chocolate

With water:    warming, soft citrus