Royal Lochnagar 12 Year Old                        

ABV:   40 %


Price:  £36.79


Beautiful location – one mile from Balmoral, foot of Cairngorm Mtns

Source           - Scarnock Spring

1845   - distillery built (173 years old)

1848   - Queen Victoria & Prince Albert purchased Balmoral, visits, becomes her favourite and she grants Royal Warrant (she mixed it with Claret wine!)

However, Royal warrants expire 5 years after the death of the issuing Royal, so it doesn’t now have a royal warrant – Thus, Royal Lochnagar states that it’s “by appointment to their late majesties Queen Victoria, King Edward VII and King George V” who died in 1936.

Royal warrant or not, when the Queen wishes to gift whisky, it’s a bottle of Royal Lochnagar under the Balmoral label


Originally a key ingredient in VAT 69, but most production is now for single malts.

  • Matured 12 years in ex-Bourbon casks

 Colour deep amber:


Dusty malt with hints of vanilla. Honey biscuits and cake dough. Soft nutty notes. Hints of linseed oil and candles;


Cakey, sherryish, sultanas with a malty, grassy, sweetness. Lemon peel. Walnuts and peppercorns.


Slightly peaty, dry and malty, with a slight woody aftertaste.