Inchmurrin 18 yo


ABV:   46%

Price:  £79.96


Distillery: Loch Lomond (Highland – largest region)

  • Original distillery 1814 but fell silent after 3-4 years
  • New distillery opened 1964
  • Uses pot stills that generally produce a whisky that is typically lightly floral and grassy.
  • 1994 added a Grain distillery – at the time the only Scottish distillery to have both malt and grain ones
  • 1994 est. their own cooperage – 10,000 casks are re-charred and have metal hoops replaced to tighten them and ensure ‘angel’s share’ doesn’t get larger!
  • Loch Lomond is one of the few distilleries to incorporate a cooperage in the distillery. Casks are made, repaired and fired in-house. This gives Loch Lomond distillery complete control of all facets of distilling – from milling the malted barley right through to the wood it is aged in.




  • Whisky named after an island on the Loch and the largest fresh water island in Britain
  • matured in the finest hand-selected casks
  • This Inchmurrin 18 Year Old was given a makeover in 2015: the eclectic blue alcopop style bottles that you’ll still find in most stores. Recently in 2017 it was given a new redesign, more classy and refined.
  • As you know, Inchmurrin spirit comes from Loch Lomond’s straight neck pot still. It is distilled at a very high 83-85 % ABV, which causes the fruity notes to be maintained from the long fermentation.


Nose:              Rich, deep aromas of heather honey balanced with crafted wood notes

Palate:            Full bodied strong oak character in harmony with tropical fruit of pineapple, kiwi; Orange notes in background

Finish:            Long & warming, elegant oak and stem ginger

With water:    buttery, diluted