Seven Seals – Port Wood Finish

ABV:   46% ABV

Price:  £68

Distillery:      Seven Seals Distillery, Stans, Switzerland      

Seven Seals Whisky

Most secretive whisky I have researched – which seems to be deliberate..

Have an interesting tag line ‘Time doesn’t matter, Taste matters’

Their new formula allows Seven Seals to produce Single Malts in record time, and in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner, without sacrificing quality, aroma or character.

Led by chemical engineer and entrepreneur Dr. Dolf Stockhausen, the team at Seven Seals analyzed the chemical interactions that take place during the maturation process.

Developed what they describe as a new process, which they say reduces the time required for maturation.

Patents for their new technique are currently pending with the Swiss Federal Patent Office, and thus the full details must remain confidential.

For their inaugural releases Seven Seals have finished spirit produced by other Swiss whisky distillers.

Other expressions - Peated Port Wood Finish and Sherry Finish. All are bottled at natural color, at 46%, and are also offered at Cask Proof.

Planning to build their own distillery at Luzern, Switzerland, and are aiming to start distillation in 2020.

It is suspected that they are re-casking ito smaller casks (more surface area for the whisky to interact with) and warming the casks in some way… though no-one seems to know..

The whisky:

Nose:            Root ginger, freshly baked raisin cookies and earthy oak.

Palate:          Cherry jam, floral oak, slightly burnt toffee and a hint of peat smoke, with clove-studded orange.

Finish:           Caramelised nuts, honey and Christmas spices.