Talisker 10 yoTalisker 10yo

Region:   Islands

ABV 45.8%

Cost: £39.45

From the only Single Malt Distillery on the Isle of Sky, that's been producing whisky for 190 years and these days at the rate of 3,000,000 litres per year.  It's water source is a  burn on Cnoc nan Speireag (Hawk Hill).  

A massive success as the island representative in Diageo's 'Classic Malts' series, Talisker 10yo's profile keeps increasing as more fans discover its intense coastal spicy, peaty character. A truly elemental malt - smokey but with an underlying sweetness...

Colour - Brilliant Gold

Nose - thick, pungent smoke; notes of kipper (!); apple peel.  Fresh and fragrant.

Palate - Full-bodied with huge plumes of smoke and volcanic ash; pepery peat and intense

Finish - Long finish with barley and malt