You've heard of the expression "Going out for an Indian on a Friday night"?  Well, our second WACWAC meeting last Friday 21st Oct was an example of exactly that... 
Warmed by the excellent hospitality of Paul Brudenell, those present enjoyed an 'Abhut' evening (Hindi for 'marvellous') tasting two delicious Indian whiskies, as well as enjoying an American double bonus at the end of the meeting.
The first whisky tasted was Rampur a 43% ABV single malt made in Northern India by the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttar Pradesh - the very first Single Malt produced by one of the largest Distillers in India.  A very drinkable whisky it was too, with a honey-sweet nose and a musty, autumnal, dried fruit taste.
The second was a rich beast of a cask strength whisky - Amrut Intermediate Sherry Single Malt - malted in Jaipur and matured in Bangalore and weighing in at a heavyweight 57.1% ABV.  With a dark 'Full Gold' colour, it had a nose of Moist Cake and molasses and a rich taste of cream, sultanas and spices which with water released a mouth-watering warm toffee and caramel taste.
Following this, as an after-nibble extra we also tasted a Kentucky Bourbon and a Tennessee Whisky (those at the meeting will know what the difference is).  Firstly, we tasted a Jim Beam Straight Bourbon - a distilled Corn-based spirit matured in brand new American Oaks barrels for four years - a process that's been handed down through six generations for over 200 years. Most of those in the meeting would never normally buy a straight bourbon so it was with a pleasant surprise that we all found it's nose and taste very pleasant!
Finally we tasted an unusually flavoured version of just about the most popular Tennessee Whisky there is - Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey.  It was a whisky version of a sweet dessert wine - and beautiful it was too, with nose of natural honey and roasted nuts and a sweet heady taste of whisky, honey and molasses!
The meeting was an excellent evening of nosing, tasting, new experiences, witty banter and good friendship.  We even found time to send a photo to Graham in Orlando to let him know what he was missing! 
"Love makes the world go round? Not at all - whisky makes it go round twice as fast" - Compton MacKensie