From one of the highest distilleries in the world, built amidst the deepest forests of Mt. Kaikomagatake in the Japanese Southern Alps
One of the most beautiful distilling locations on the planet
The malt whiskies born here are benefit from a very particular microclimate, verdant forests, and soft water made possible by filtration of rain and melted snow through thousand-year-old granite rocks
Also produce 10, 12, 18 & 25yo (£4k!)

NAS - ABV 43%


Released 2014 – lightly & heavily peated whiskies used

Colour – Light Gold
Nose – herbs, green fruit, mint, cucumber, pine, grassy, spearmint
Palate - Mint, cucumber, green fruit, grapefruit and just a touch of smoke at the back
Finish - Light, delicate, refreshing and some subtle smoke

Often used in a highball (with soda) or as a Mizuwari (with water)