22 July 2016
The inaugural meeting at Ian & Anne Laurie's was excellent and we are indebted to our hosts for opening up their home (literally with the opening doors) ​to us.
With the sun going down nearly as well as the whiskies, we enjoyed a very pleasant time on the patio on a warm, summer's evening staying outside right up to the end when we were poured out through the front door late in the evening.  Before this we had discussed all manner of subjects, solved the world's problems and laughed until our side ached - I just wish I'd written it all down at the time....
As a theme for the meeting, with so much furore around Wales and the success of their football team at the recent Euros 2016, the two whiskies we nosed, swirled, tasted, discussed, compared, rated and thoroughly enjoyed were from the only Welsh Distillery - Penderyn.
The two whiskies tasted were
Peneryn Madiera Finish
Penderyn Rich Oak
The tasting notes of the whiskies can be found on the 'Whisky Tasting Notes' tab.  Everyone's scores can also be found on the 'Whisky Ratings' tab - as can be seen, everyone's palate differs - I thoroughly enjoyed both whiskies but as you can see was probably more reserved than some others in my scoring as I'm confident there will be even better whiskies in future meetings!
Most attendees got home around 11:30pm - one notable exception was our illustrious RT Life Member Graham 'When do you need it by?' Catterall who clearly decided to roam around the roads and front gardens of the vacinity as he poured himself into his front door around 03:10am the following morning...  When he was asked whether he got lost or just over-stayed his welcome, his answer was "(hic) a bit of both I think...".  Now that's commitment!
Going forward, all agreed that Fridays worked best and that Quarterly meetings would be about right.