In September, we decided to stay over across the 'pond' and sample US Single Malt whiskies...

The three whiskies imbibed were:

Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky

  • 53% ABV
  • Matured in ex-Bourbon Casks
  • Made with unpeated 100% malted barley - combines small batches of the whisky aged in different sized barrels before blending them together to finish maturation in one big barrel. Non chill-filtered.

FEW Triple Malt Smoked

  • 46.5% ABV
  • Made with barley smoked with cherry wood, mesquite wood and apple wood, this is a rich and oily American spirit with a distinctive smoky twang
  • Westland American Oak Single Malt

Westland American Oak Single Malt

  • 46% ABV - £69
  • Minimum 3 years in new American oak casks and first-fill Bourbon casks