Amrut Single Malt – Intermediate Sherry

"According to Indian Mythology, when Gods and demons churned the oceans using the mountain Meru, a golden pot sprang out containing the Elixir of Life. That was called the 'Amrut' – he who drank would have eternal life."


Water from Himalayas – River Sutlej

Malting in Jaipur

Distillation and Maturation in Bangalore

Distillery produces 4 million cases of liquor a year

3 million - Brandy, Rum, Vodka, Gin

1 million - blended whisky

Only 10,000 cases are single malt

‘Intermediate’ means:

Initially matured in Virgin and ex-Bourbon casks

Then transferred into Sherry casks for one year (intermediate)

Finally returned back into ex-Bourbon casks


ABV 57.1%


Colour: Full Gold

Nose: Moist cake, molasses, fruity, ‘freshly waxed oak floor’, sherry, orange liqueur

Taste: Rich, creamy, sultana, spices, orange marmalade, Turkish delight?

With water: Warm toffee and caramel with a citrus fizz, spices – more water seems to give more of a citrus edge