Kavalan Port Finish - NAS


ABV:   40%

Price:  £56


  • First Taiwan distillery - 2005
  • Source is spring water from Snow Mountain and Central Mountains
  • Faster maturation due to hot climate

This whisky:

  • Matured in American Oak casys, and finished off in Ruby Port, Tawny Port and Vintage Port casks

Colour:           Pleasant brownish red.

Nose:              Tropical fruitiness with honey, vanilla, coconut and candy floss.  Red grapes and clove, followed by a good whack of vanilla. A little bit of tobacco leaf and cookie dough.

Palate:            Rich bodied with natural sweetness and complexity.  Brown sugar mixed with ground cinnamon and white pepper, doused in good Port. A core of white oak warmth.

Finish:            Raisins, prunes, strawberry jam and another pinch of tobacco.

With water:    ‘matt finish’, ‘suede’ feel to the palate


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