Site Settings

The Website Settings tab provides the interface to modify the information and settings that affect your site as a whole.


Messages are notices provided by the administrators which maintain and operate the system. They will often be directly relevant to you, for example including downtime of the service, when it will be inaccessible, or information regarding an upgrade or improvement to the service. This is the default page displayed when you click the Manage Website link on any of your public pages.

Organisation Details

This is the information you entered in your application for a website. The Edit button allows you to modify the information to make sure it stays up to date.

The text in the Description field is used in your listing in the A-Z Directory, so it is important to make it relevant and short.

It is important to keep this information up to date as the administrator of the service may need to use it to get in contact with you. Additionally the CMS can use this information to automatically generate content pages for you (e.g., to show a map based on your address). For more details see the Content Mangement System documentation.

Directory Keywords

Here you can edit the keywords that correspond to your website, that you initially chose on the application form. Visitors can search in the A-Z Directory using these categories to find your site, so it is important to make sure they are appropriate.

Use External Site

Voice provides a searchable directory including websites on the service. In some cases a community or organisation may already have an existing website which they wish to use, though they may still want to appear in the directory. If your organisation is in this position then once you have created your website, you can use this page to configure your entry in the directory to redirect to your existing website.

Once you have completed the form your website will continue to be listed in the directory, but if any visitor clicks on your entry they will be redirected immediately to your existing website.