Messages are notices provided by the administrators which maintain and operate the system. They will often be directly relevant to you, for example including downtime of the service, or information regarding an upgrade or improvement to the service. This is the default page displayed when you click the Manage Website link on any of your public pages.

Website Details

This is the information you entered in your application for a website. The Edit button allows you to modify the information to make sure it stays up to date.

The text in the Description field is used in your listing in the A-Z Directory, so it is important to make it relevant and short.

You can add Social Media Links in here, and they'll appear in your website footer, and in the Contact Information includelet.

It is important to keep this information up to date as the Voice administrators of the service may need to use it to get in contact with you, and it may be visible on the homepage of your website in the Contact Information includelet.

Website Categories

Here you can edit the categories that correspond to your website, that you initially chose on the application form. Visitors can search in the A-Z Directory using these categories to find your site.

Site Domain

From here you can configure a custom domain for your website. So instead of it appearing as it could be (for example)

For more information see the Domain Names page of the documentation.

Enable/Disable/Redirect Website

If you no longer need your Voice website you can Disable it. Or, if you have created a website which is not hosted on Voice, you can add the URL of it in here, and anyone visiting your Voice website will be redireced to this external site instead.

Your website can be configured in one of three ways:

  • Enabled - visible to the public.
  • Disabled - visible to administrators, everyone else sees a Not Found page.
  • Redirected - visible to administrators, everyone else is redirected to the external website.

Note that if your website is Disabled or Redirected you won't be able to see it unless you log in as an administrator first. In this case, to access the website:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in as an administrator of your website.
  3. Then go to your website's URL.

Note that Disabled websites will only be kept for six months before being permanently deleted. You will be warned before your site is deleted.