Users can reply to your advert and send you their CV via your website. Users have to be registered with the site to respond to the position.

To enable the application, go to the Content Management tab of the administration pages, then go to the Applications page, and click the Enable button next to Job Listings.

Once enabled, you can get to the administration pages for the application in one of two ways:

  1. Click Manage Jobs on the public pages of the Job Listings application on your website (you must be logged in as the administrator to see the button).
  2. From within the administration pages for the website, go to the Content Management tab, and click on Job Listings in the Site Map.

Adding a Job

  • Go to the administration pages for the Job Listings application, and click Add a Job.
  • Fill in the Title, Body, Type, and Category.
  • Enter the release date and application deadline for the job advert - it will automatically be archived after the deadline has passed.

Editing a Job

  • Go to the job advert by clicking on its title or the More Information button on the job listings page.
  • Click Edit Job underneath the details of the advert.
  • This will take you to the original form where you added the job. Make any changes and click Edit.

Applying for a Job

Any logged in user can apply for a job by clicking Apply for this Job on the advert's details page.

  • As the administrator, you can see all the applications by clicking on the job advert. Normal users can only see their own application. From here you can download the CVs for review.
  • To respond to an application click on the name of the applicant. You can then send a confirmation email to them.
  • To stop further applications, archive or delete the job advert (see below).

Note: Users can only make one application for each job. However, by clicking the job then clicking View Details and selecting Edit, users can update their application as many times as they wish.

Archiving and Deleting Jobs

Jobs can be in one of two states:

  • Published - visible on the website.
  • Archived - not visible on the website, but can be published again if required.
  • You can also delete job adverts that you no longer want.

To delete or archive a job:

  1. Go to the administration pages for the Job Listings application.
  2. Check the box in the Select column for the job advert you would like to archive or delete.
  3. Choose the action from the drop down menu below the table and click Go.

To view archived jobs, go to the administration pages for the application and click on Archived. You can choose to publish these jobs to make them visible on the website again, or delete them if you want to be rid of them forever.

Any logged in user can apply for jobs, and as the administrator you need to manage these responses.


To configure the permissions, go to the administration pages for your website, select the Content Management tab, and then the Applications page. Click the Permissions button next to the application in the list. For further details of how to use Permissions, see the Permissions section of the manual.

  • Users with Admin permission on the application can manage all job listings, including editing and deleting them, and reviewing all responses.
  • Users cannot add their own job listings - only administrators can do this. Therefore adding Contribute permission for a user gives them no special rights in this application.