Administration of your Voice website is designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible while giving you the power to create the site you want. The interface is broken down into a few key areas to help you manage your website.

To administer your website simply click the Manage Website Link on any public page of your site.

The dotCommunity Administration Interface

The Breadcrumb Trail

At the top of every page is a list of links called the breadcrumb trail (1 in the diagram), which indicate where are you in the site. You can use these links to easily navigate to related pages of the one you are currently viewing.


The tabs (2) across the top of the page break down the administration interface into related areas. This makes it easier to find the relevant page for the task you are carrying out. Please be aware that you should save any changes you are making in one tab before moving to another.

After navigating to the correct tab the interface is further broken down into pages (3) for carrying out specific tasks.

Inline Help

Throughout the administration interface of Voice the Show Help button (4) offers information and guidance for the current page. It is often the best place to start looking for help!

Administering Your Site

The rest of this section of the documentation is concerned with the administration interface.

If you would like some suggestions of how to get started feel free to have a look at our short guide: Getting Started with Voice