Administration of your Voice website is designed to be simple and intuitive while giving you the power to create the site you want.

If you haven't yet found the admin pages of your site then go to the Log In as Administrator page of the Getting Started helpsheet.

One way or another hopefully you'll find yourself on a page that looks like this:

Admin Front Page


The tabs across the top of the page break down the administration interface into related areas. This makes it easier to find the relevant page for the task you are carrying out.

After navigating to the correct tab the interface is further broken down into pages for carrying out specific tasks.

Inline Help

Throughout the administration interface of Voice the Show Help button offers information and guidance for the current page. It is often the best place to start looking for help!

Admin Sections

See below for details of what's found in each admin section:

The Website Settings tab provides the interface to modify the information and settings that affect your site as a whole.

How to use the Content Management System to create and edit pages.

The Look & Feel tab allows you to choose from a range of ways to customise the appearance of your Voice site. You can personalise it by adding a logo, selecting a theme, and choosing from some pre-configured display options.

Voice provides comprehensive user management functionality to all websites.

Reports are automatically generated for all websites, for Site Statistics and Broken Links.