The Photo Albums app is great if you want to organise sets of photos into folders and galleries, or allow your members to upload their own pictures. But if you want to have a more finely curated media gallery on a page of your site then the Related Image Gallery includelet is your friend.

The includelet can be placed in the main content column or, in a side column, as it is on this page.

It can show a mixture of Images and Videos, from your Assets Library, and you can configure the number of columns in the grid of items.

1. Add the media to your Assets Library

The first thing you need is some Images (or Videos) in your Assets Library. See the Assets page in the Documentation, or go through the Getting Started helpsheet for details of how to do this.

If you're adding videos, note that Voice has a 100MB limit on files, and that it doesn't re-compress your video into different resolutions like YouTube/Vimeo do. We just host the video file exactly as you upload it. You should use MP4/H.264 or WebM videos, at a suitable resolution. Keep them as small as you can!

2. Create the page

Any content page will do. Put it in your Site Map wherever you want it. Save the page (but no need to publish it yet!). If you don't know how to do this, see the Getting Started helpsheet for how to add pages.

Note that the Relations tab won't appear until the page is saved!

3. Relate the required images and videos to the page

See the information on Relations.

You can relate as many Images and Videos to your page that you want. And you can reorder them as appropriate.

4. Add the Related Image Gallery includelet

This is the fun bit. Go to the Layout tab and add the Related Image Gallery includelet to the page, in whichever slot you like. I'm using the Left slot for this example.

You can set how many columns you want for the gallery. You probably want about four if you're using the main content column, but just one or two if you're using a side column.

Save the includelet settings, then go the Publishing tab to preview your page. If it's not quite right go back and tweak the includelet settings and preview again before publishing.

5. Enjoy!