Welcome to your Voice website! Your site will be configured with an initial setup to get you started but all aspects of the site can be modified so don't worry if at this stage it doesn't look as you would like.

This documentation section is a reference for all the admin features of a Voice website.

For a step-by-step introduction to using your site, read the Getting Started helpsheet, which explains how to achieve simple tasks such as setting a logo, changing theme, and adding a page.

Also take a look around the Voice Demo Site. This shows lots of different features being used. If you see something you like on there then you can come back here to find out how it's done!

And if you get stuck, please ask questions on the Forums.

A dive into the different sections in the admin pages for your Voice website.

How to change the layout, colours, and fonts used on your Voice website.

How you receive feedback from visitors to your website.

Control how visitors are able to interact with your Voice website.

How to use your own domain name with your Voice website.

If you no longer want your Voice website, we can disable or delete it for you. If you've set up a new site somewhere else you can redirect your Voice website to it.