To enable the application, go to the Content Management tab of the administration pages, then go to the Applications page, and click the Enable button next to FAQs.

Once enabled, you can get to the administration pages for the application in one of two ways:

  1. Click Manage FAQs on the public pages of the FAQs application on your website (you must be logged in as the administrator to see the button).
  2. From within the administration pages for the website, go to the Content Management tab, and click on FAQs in the Site Map.

Managing FAQ Sections

Go to the administration pages for the FAQs application using one of the methods outlined above.

To add a new FAQ:

  • Click Add a new FAQ.
  • Fill in the name of FAQ.
  • Select whether you want all the Questions and Answers on one page, or whether you want each on its own page.
  • Click OK.

To edit the settings for an FAQ:

  • Click on the Edit icon Edit Icon in the list of FAQs.
  • Make required changes and click OK.

To Enable or Disable an FAQ:

  • Check or Uncheck the tickbox Checkbox in the Enabled column.

To Delete an FAQ:

  • Click on the Delete icon Delete Icon in the list of FAQs.
  • Note: This deletes the FAQ and all the questions/answers within it.

Managing Questions and Answers

Individual Questions and Answers (Q&As) can only be added within an FAQ section. This is done from the FAQ application administration pages.

In the list of FAQs, click on the one in which you wish to manage the Questions and Answers. From here you can edit the title and display mode of the FAQ, as well as add, edit, delete, and reorder the Q&As.

To add a Q&A click on Add a new Q&A at the top of the page.

Once you have defined some Q&As you'll see a list of them, each with some action buttons. These are:

edit - edit the Q&A.

delete - permanently delete the Q&A.

insert after - add a new Q&A after this one in the list.

swap with next - reorder the Q&As by swapping this question with the following one.


To configure the permissions, go to the administration pages for your website, select the Content Management tab, and then the Applications page. Click the Permissions button next to the application in the list. For further details of how to use Permissions, see the Permissions section of the manual.

  • Users with Admin permission on the application can manage all FAQs, including editing and deleting them.
  • Users cannot add their own FAQs - only administrators can do this. Therefore adding Contribute permission for a user gives them no special rights in this application.