Each helpsheet is aimed at helping you carry out some of the more common tasks, and does not cover the subject in any more detail than is needed to get that job done.


How to create an account so you can log in to Voice. You need to do this if you want to create a Voice website.

This helpsheet will take you through applying for a website. By the end of this helpsheet you will have a basic website set up for you to use.

Welcome to your new website! This helpsheet will guide you from first viewing the front page of your new site to personalising it and setting up some initial information to get you started.

How to use the Carousel, Accordion, or Grid includelet to display blocks of images and text in interesting ways.

How to section up a page using blocks of colour or background images.

How does the GDPR affect how you use your Voice website?

If you want to be able to mess around with your site with no risk, the test site might just be the answer!

How to create a gallery of images and videos on a page of your Voice website using the Content Management System (rather than the Photo Albums app)

Regular meetings, with demos and discussion of Voice site features.

Subscribe and manage email notifications from Voice sites.