Welcome to your new website! This document will guide you from first viewing the front page of your new site to personalising it and setting up some initial information to get you started.

This document does not attempt to cover any subject in any depth and gives you only enough information to complete the initial configuration. Therefore, throughout there will be pointers to sections of the main Voice manual where you can find more information on the specific subject being discussed.

If any section of this page uses any terms you are not familiar with, you should first check the Terminology section of the main manual.

When explaining each aspect this helpsheet will ask you to navigate to the administration interface. To do this you should visit any public page of your site and click the Manage This Website link. This will take you to the administration interface which is broken down into tabs, and each instruction will explain which one you will use.

The first thing you will probably want to do is give your website it's own look and feel and personalise it. So step 1 is to make your own logo or emblem visible throughout the site.

Adding a Logo

Start by navigating to the administration interface. From here click the Look & Feel tab and select the Your Logo page, as shown in the diagram.

Change Logo Screen

Whenever your site has a logo currently displayed it will be shown in the Current Logo section of the page (1 in the diagram). To add your logo to your site, click the Choose File button (2), select the file from your hard drive and click Ok. Your logo will now be displayed on every public page of your site.

For more information on using a logo in your site read the Look & Feel section of the manual.

Next we'll select a different look for your site.

Changing the Website Theme

Within Voice the colour scheme and layout of a website is called the theme. The service comes with a set of pre-created themes you can easily enable through the administration interface. To get started, once you are at the administration interface, click the Look & Feel tab and select the Theme page.

Change Theme Screen

This page lists all the themes available for your website along with a small example of the colour scheme each uses (1 in the diagram). To choose a theme for your site click the Select button (2) next to the theme you would like to use. The theme is immediately applied to all pages in your website and visitors will now see the new theme. The bottom of this page (3) is concerned with using a custom theme and is not necessary for using the built in themes.

For more information on using themes within Voice and configuring a custom theme read the Look & Feel section of the manual.

Next we'll make sure the front page is showing the information we'd like.

Changing the Front Page

By default your Voice website will be setup with some information from your website application shown in the main body of the front page. To remove or modify this information navigate to your websites front page and click the Edit This Page button. You will automatically be taken to the Content Management Tab with the Content page selected.

Update Front Page Screen

To edit the content select the Edit sub-tab (1 in the diagram) and modify the text in the WYSIWYG editor (2). When you are finished making changes click the Save and Publish button (3).

If the information you would like to modify or remove is not shown in the text area it will have been added through an automatically inserted snippet of page called an includelet.

Update Front Page Includelets Screen

To modify the includelets click the Layout sub-tab (1 in the diagram). Here you will see green areas with white or grey boxes in them indicating where includelets are displayed on your page (2). If the boxes are grey then the page is currently saved and you must click the Create a new revision to make changes link. Once the boxes representing the includelets are white you can remove them from the page by dragging them into the "Trash" (3) green area of the page. If you would like to edit them double click on the one you would like to modify.

Note: Community Information includelets are the ones that automatically show information from your website application. The Content Item includelet indicates where the content in the Edit sub-tab will be displayed on the page and you should not remove this includelet.

When modifying the contents of a community information includelet be aware that editing the includelet itself will only allow you to change which piece of application form information that will be shown. To edit the details of your application form information which will be displayed by the includelet read the Updating Website Information section.

For more information on using the CMS read the Content Management System section of the manual.

Updating Website Information

If you find that any of the information supplied on the application form is incorrect or has become out of date you can edit it and all includelets that use that information will automatically be updated. You modify your website information by navigating to the administration interface, clicking the Site Settings tab and selecting the Organisation Details page.

This page shows all the information you supplied as part of your application which can be edited by clicking the Edit button.