Content Management

Voice includes all the tools necessary for you to provide content and interactive pages on your site.

It offers you a powerful Content Management System, a wide variety of pre-configured web applications, as well as tools to manage all pages within your site.

For more detailed information regarding the Content Management System and the web applications, please refer to the corresponding documents:

Reordering the Main Navigation Menu

Administrators may change the order in which the main navigation menu items are displayed. This is carried out by clicking the Content Management tab and selecting the Content page.

Items are reordered alongside all items at the same level in the Site Map. Therefore, initially you select the content item in the Site Map above the items that you wish to reorder. Next select the Index sub-tab and click the Reorder Items button.

The resulting page presents a list of all of the items that can be reordered at this level. To reorder an item select it in the list and click the Move Up or Move Down buttons to change its position. When you are happy with the new order, click the Save Changes button.