The Events Calendar allows you and your members to add events to your website. They can be viewed as a list, or in a weekly or monthly calendar view.

Events are returned in the search results of the site, and in the Event Search feature in the A-Z Directory.

All users with Edit permission can add events to your calendar. For further details see the Permissions section below.

To enable the application, go to the Content Management tab of the administration pages, then select the Applications page, and click Enable next to Events Calendar.

Once enabled, you can add and remove events using the public pages of the application. This application has no administration pages.

Viewing Events

The Events Calendar allows you to view events in one of four views, by clicking on one of the tabs:

List - all events coming up in the next 365 days (i.e., one year). You can change the number of days by entering a number in the box and clicking on the View button.

Day - events for the current day, in hourly increments. Change the day by clicking on the small calendar on the left.

Week - events for the current week, split by day. Change the week by clicking on the small calendar on the left.

Month - events for the current month in a large grid. Change the month by clicking on the month names to the left and right of the current month name in the title above the grid.

Adding Events

  • On the Day, Week, or Month view click the (+) button next to the time of the event. Alternatively, from the List view, click the Add an Event button.
  • Add a Title for the event.
  • Select the date and time for the event using the drop down boxes. (These will be filled in for you if you clicked (+) next to the time in the calendar view.)
  • If you select All Day Event then the start/end time are ignored.
  • Add a brief description of the event in the Description box.
  • If the event repeats regularly, or lasts more than one day, you can select Yes to the Repeating question - you will be asked for details of how often it repeats on the next page.
  • You can optionally add contact, location, and cost details.
  • If you have a map of the location you can enter the URL. If you do not have a map but have entered a postcode the system will generate a link to Multimap, where a map to the event will be available.
  • Click OK. The event will be added to the calendar.

Recurring Events

If you choose to create a recurring event, when you submit the event details you will then be asked to provide details of how often the event repeats. There are two settings you need to provide:

Repeat Options - This configures the time at which the event will repeat. It allows you to select options such as "every 3 days", "every year", "every Wednesday", "every first Sunday of the month", and "every year".

Repeat Until - Events will not repeat after this date.

Editing Events

  • Click on the title of your event.
  • Click the Edit button underneath the details of the event.
  • This will take you back to the original form where you added the event. Make any changes and click OK.
  • If it is a repeating event, you can choose to edit one occurrence or all of them.
  • Note that it is not currently possible to edit how often an event repeats. You must create a new event if these details have changed.

Adding an Event to a Calendar Application on your Computer

Users can add an event from the event calendar into a calendar app on their computer, such as Outlook on Windows and iCal on the Apple Mac.

  • Click on the title of the event.
  • Click Add this event to a calendar application on your computer. You may see a dialogue box asking if you want to open or save the file - choose open.
  • Add the details of the event and click Save.
  • The event will now appear in your computer's calendar.

Note: the event will not automatically synchronise with the calendar if it is subsequently changed.


To configure the permissions for the Calendar, go to the administration pages for your website, go to the Content Management tab, select Applications, and click the Permissions button next to the Events Calendar in the list.

  • Users with Edit permission can add events to your calendar, and can edit and delete the events that they have added.
    They cannot edit events that other people have added.
  • Administrators can add events, and edit and delete any events.

In the standard configuration of your website, members are are allowed to add events, but normal users and members of the public are not.

For further details of how to use Permissions, see the Permissions section of the manual.


You can use the Community Calendar includelet to highlight upcoming events on any page of your website. For more information on adding includelets through the CMS please read the Layouts section of the manual.