Themes are alternative designs for your site. They modify the visual aspects of your site, and usually incorporate a colour scheme, a navigation menu layout, a header, and a footer.

To change theme go to the Look & Feel tab in the Admin pages of your site and click the Select button next to the theme you would like to use. The theme for your site is changed immediately and all visitors to your site will now see it with the new design. (Note: When returning to the main pages of your site if you still see the old theme please click reload in your browser)

Some themes, such as Modern and Bootstrap, have further customisation options such as changing the colour scheme or banner images. Click the Options button next to the theme to modify these settings.

We recommend that you use the new Modern or Bootstrap theme for your site, as they are designed to work on mobile devices, tablets, and desktop browsers. Although the other themes will work acceptably on a mobile, they are designed primarily for desktop browsers.

Customising Themes

Advanced users can change aspects of any theme by providing a custom stylesheet (CSS) file. Your styles are loaded after all the theme styles, so you can override any part of the layout of your site.

Once you have defined your custom CSS file you can upload it into the Assets Library, and then select it from the Options page for your chosen theme.