If you want to disable or delete your Voice website, you drop us an email at admin@e-voice.org.uk and we'll do it for you. No problem!

Altenatively you can disable the website yourself using the Enable/Disable/Redirect Website setting in your website admin pages.

You cannot permanently delete a website yourself - we thought this was a bit too dangerous! Though we can do it for you.

Disabled Websites

When a website is disabled, it is accessible only be admins of that site, and by Voice sitewide admins. It can still be edited as long as you're logged in as a site administrator.

If you aren't logged in as an administrator you'll see the Not Found page. In which case, log into Voice first, then go to your site's URL.

You can re-enable your site using the Enable/Disable/Redirect Website setting - or we can do it for you.

Deleted Websites

When we delete a site it's permanent. It cannot be undeleted!

Inactive Websites

An inactive site is one that's had no new content added, content updated, or new pictures/posts/discussions etc added for a long time.

In order to ensure that Voice websites provide useful up-to-date information, if a site is inactive for over two and a half years then the administrators of that site will be emailed to invite them to check and update it.

If a site remains inactive after three years and multiple warnings then it will be automatically disabled.

Disabled websites are kept on Voice for one year. After this time the administrators will receive an email warning that the site will be automatically deleted after one more month.

If the disabled site is not re-enabled within this time then it will be deleted permanently, and cannot be recovered.

Redirecting to Another Provider

If you have set up a new website on a different provider to replace your Voice website, rather than immediately disabling or deleting your Voice website, a good idea is go to the Enable/Disable/Redirect Website setting and adding the URL of your new site. This way, anyone visiting your Voice site will be immediately redirected to your new site - and search engines will update with your new site's URL more quickly.

Once the search engines and your visitors are used to your new URL, then you can safely disable or delete your Voice website.