Administrators of a Voice website have the facility to create a "Private Area" within their site, which can be configured with permissions independently of their main site.

The main website, application, and content specific permissions pages allow a Voice website to be configured to cater for a range of visitors. The site can present different information depending on whether the visitor is logged in and whether they are a member or an administrator.

Voice also allows an administrator to create a sub-section of the site called a "Private Area". This area of the site has all the features of the main site, including all the applications and CMS but is a separate instance of a site, meaning none of the application and CMS data is shared. For example enabling the discussions application will result in a new blank copy with no posts, and the CMS in the private area will have no content items other than the default set. You may also set permissions separately from the main site and use the administration interface without affecting any aspect of your main site.

Private areas are commonly used to create a members only area of the site with exclusive content and interactive applications.

To enable and configure a private area, click the Content Management tab and select the Applications page. Next click the Add Private Area button and supply a name and URL stub for the private area. Once you have enabled the private area it will be added to the list of applications and clicking the Manage This Application link will display the standard administration interface. Within a private area the administration interface operates in the same way as the administration interface for your main site.