Content pages created in Voice's CMS are stored on the service throughout the life of the document. This means you can create a new page and edit it without it being visible on your main site until you consider it ready.

Once you are happy the page is finished and ready to make visible on your site you need to publish it.

Publishing Content

The act of publishing a document makes the page you are editing visible to visitors with the correct permissions. There are 2 ways to manage the publication of your documents and pages.

The simplest way is to click the Save Changes button after editing your pages while generating the content. When you have made your final edits and want to publish click the Save and Publish button and your new page will automatically be made available on your website. If you are editing the most recent version but this version is already live and published then, when you save the changes to the page, a new revision will be created automatically.

This method works well for standard published content, however, for greater control over the publication process use the Publishing CMS tab.

The Publishing CMS Tab

The top of the Publishing tab shows the administrator the current published status of the page. It offers you the chance to change the state of the page either to publish it or take it offline.

You are also able to setup a publishing schedule. To do this click Setup Schedule, and fill in the date that you would like the page to be published or taken offline.

Finally it displays a list of every revision of the page along with an indication of the currently published version. For each revision you can view a preview of how the page looked, who created it and when, and, if published, the publishing date.