The Voice content management system allows you to create a hierarchy of folders, pages, and rich media such as images and audio files, which can then be published on your website. This page explains the concepts surrounding the CMS and acts as a glossary of terms used.


All of the types of web page and rich media types an author can create are referred to as items. Therefore in this documentation the word item can refer to a folder, a page, a news story, am image, or any of the types of asset available.


Assets are standalone media files used within pages. Some examples of assets include images, documents, and audio files.


Each time an item is published a new version is created and stored separately. This allows the author or administrator to "roll-back" to an earlier version of a document if necessary and to create individual versions of a document to be used for specific periods of time. Each of these versions is referred to as a revision.

Certain revisions have specific names within the documentation and administration interface:

  • Current - The revision of the item that is being viewed by the author through the administration interface.
  • Live - The revision of the item that is currently published on the website. This is not necessarily the most recent version.
  • Latest - The newest revision of the item. If this revision is not published it is the one used when saving changes to the content. If it is published then a new latest revision will be created for saving changes.