After an application for a Voice website has been approved the new website is placed under the control of the area they applied within.

The website entry will then be removed from the requests list and added to the communities administration page. Here administrators can see a complete list of the communities under their control in alphabetical order. The page also presents a list of the sub-areas and categories the websites in the list are part of to allow an administrator to filter the list.

Each name in the list of websites is a link to the administration interface of that website as would be used by it's administrators. Alongside each entry is the area it is currently assigned to, an indication of whether it is enabled or not, and a list of actions.

The area a website is assigned to is determined by which area was chosen when the site was applied for, and is the area administrator who has the ability and responsibility to manage the community. However, as with all websites on the Voice service, the site can also be administered by all areas above the assigned area and site wide administrators as laid out in the Inheritance section of the manual.

When a website is enabled it can be viewed by all visitors to the service as per the permissions set up by the owner of the site. If it is disabled it can only be viewed by the owner and the administrators as above, and cannot be viewed by regular members or the public and will not appear in the directory or any search results. This allows an area or sitewide administrator to disable a site if it is deemed unacceptable, but the administrator of the website itself can login to correct the site to allow it to be re-enabled.

The actions an administrator can carry out on a website are:

Disable/Enable - as above disabling a site makes it not viewable by anyone other than the administrator of the site and those responsible for it.

Change URL - When a site is created a URL is assigned to it under the domain of the Voice service which is specific to that website. The URL used is either chosen by the website applicant or automatically generated by the service based on the name of the website organisation. If this website URL is unacceptable or incorrect (for example it might be inappropriate or clash with other content on the site) then the change URL link allows you to modify it.

Change Area - This link allows you to modify the area the website is assigned to.

Downloading the List of Websites

At the end of the categories used to filter the list of websites there is a format section with the "Table" option selected by default, which presents the list in it's normal form. However if the CSV option is selected the page changes to show the the communities as a Comma Seperated Values list of information useful for processing in other applications.