A wide variety of plants, birds, animals and wildlife at the village station


Hunmanby Railway Station is a haven for wildlife, being close to the fishing lake, the old clay pits, and with woodland adjoining the railway tracks. 

With only an occasional weed spraying train, which directs the chemical onto the tracks, wildflowers cover the cuttings and embankments on the approach to the station, forming a wildlife corridor.

The railway station has became a peaceful haven for local people and visitors. The restored wooden bench is an ideal place to sit on the Scarborough platform, give the driver and passengers a wave and look out for the local wildlife. 



 Old wooden bench restored during COVID-19 Pandemic by John & Monica

Picture above: John and Monica during lockdown, restored the old wooden bench. It is a lovely peaceful place to sit and enjoy the pleasant station environment, the flowers and wildlife. 


Tawny Owl:

A Winter afternoon is a good time to hear the local tawny owl with its distinctive 'twit twit twoo' call. If you sit on the old wooden bench on the Scarborough platform you may spot the perch it uses to hunt from. 

further details from BBC Tawny Owl Tweet of the day 


While the flower beds did suffer rabbit damage, in the first year, the 'moving in' of a local weasel family, last year they nested behind the old turnip cutter, has kept number in check. 

A nice photo appears on the Flicker entitled there was only one passenger waiting for the 11:20 train to Bridlington on 21st March 2020



During winter Hedgehogs hibernate. They like a place left a bit natural, especially in a residential garden and make a nest of leaves. Hedgehogs are the gardener's friends, a great alternative to slug pellets. These harm the hedgehogs if they eat slugs that have been eating the pellets. Hunmanby station has a hibernating hedgehog. If you spot the pile of leaves, please do not disturb them. There are several other nests around the village. Hunmanby Station Hedgehog has been named 'Spikey' one young station user.

This Spring please remember to drive a bit slower on the local roads this when Spikey and other local hedgehogs come out of hibernation 

It is also helpful to encourage hedgehogs to let your gardens be a bit more 'natural' over the dormant winter period and provide a safe environment for nature.

Further details from the Hedgehog Street Website


A family of rather secretive weasels have been active around the railway station during 2020. The station platforms have become a hunting ground with the local rabbits. They are often seen if you are patient. The mother moved the family in earlier this year from farmland of Bridlington Street to the safety of the gap behind the old turnip cutter on the Scarborough bound platform. 

Further details from the BBC Weasels feisty and fearless


While the village station is some distance from most properties, it is surrounded by arable land with thickets of scrub and tree cover, ideal for game birds. Pheasants are frequent visitors to the station and can often be seen on the Bridlington bound platform

Further details from The Wildlife Trusts

Mallard Ducks:

Each year a family of Mallard ducks' nest in the hedge adjoining the station house. The family then face the long waddle back to the fishing lake. Unfortunately, the distance from the old clay pits makes the young ducklings vulnerable to predators, such as crows and rats. One reason waterfowl have a large brood of ducklings 

Further details RSPB Mallard Ducklings

updated 8.4.2023