Restoring the old wooden railway bench


In the early 1970's, British Rail built a 'bus shelter' style shelter on the Hull bound platform. Rather than put in a new seat, the existing wooden railway bench from the old waiting rooms was used. It was an era when items were reused and repaired. The wooden bench was placed on the concrete stand and the bus shelter built around it. 

As time went on, metal benches were replaced several times on the opposite Scarborough bound platform and, around the network, to conform to new corporate designs. But at Hunmanby the wooden bench remained, 'locked in' the bus shelter, on the Hull bound platform. A link back to possibly the North Eastern Railway of 100 years ago. Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station would welcome more information of how old the bench is, and where it was before the 'bus shelter' locked it in place for almost 50 years!


Old Waiting Shelter on Platform 1 at Hunmanby showing heritage bench and poster

In 2019, with new waiting shelters due, the old now 'retro' bus shelter was taken down along with the old poster boards for re-cycling. 

In the process a couple of old posters from the 1980's were uncovered. Dating back to the time when posters were pasted up. 37 years hidden the one iconic poster was in remarkable good condition. (Perhaps a preserving quality in the old BR glue?) Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station would like to donate the poster to a new location where it can be better appreciated.  


Old Waiting Shelter Retro Poster


Below, A surprise donation, on unearthing the poster (from a kind person in Congleton, Cheshire) has been an original Kellogg's unused ticket to match the promotion. 

(for a free rail ticket for a child aged 3 years and under 14 years. (Not valid after 26th June 1978 though) to match the poster.


British Rail Return Kellogg's Special Offer Voucher Front




British Rail Return Kellogg's Special Offer Voucher Rear












Below, The railway bench was removed from the bus shelter, the arms were coming adrift, and years of rain blowing into the bus shelter had rotten its rear legs.


Old wooden railway bench as removed from the waiting shelter from platform 1 at Hunmanby Railway Station


Below, The railway bench had some rot on its rear legs, wood worm to treat and over the Spring of 2020, during lockdown John and Monica removed and sanded down, several layers of paint, back to the original wood. In the arm can be seen holes, what purpose? was a sign fixed there at one time?


Old Wooden railway Bench replacing rotten wood if its legs

The photo below: Full view of the stripped wooden bench. 

The arms that had come adrift were pulled back and glued.

old wooden railway bench last bit of paint to remove  












Below, by summer a grey undercoat had been applied, and the next stage is plaining to black, which the Friends group have been advised would have been the traditional colour for a railway station bench. The bench will then be placed on the station platform for users of the station and enjoy.


old wooden railway bench starting to apply the undercoat



Below, bench now restored, thanks to John & Monica Bridge, it will have a plaque attached and a suitable location selected by railway staff on the Hull bound platform


The restored old wooden railway bench at Hunmanby Railway Station


The restored bench has now been placed on the Hull bound platform, with a plaque, to mark its restoration in the year of the COVID-19 pandemic. The photograph below shows John & Monica sitting on the restored bench. The bench is being well used by local people and visitors as the station is a great place to walk to and enjoy the wildlife and flowers. You can also sit and wave the to people on the train from the bench. Trains usually pass in the village station at 20 minutes past each hour.


The old wooden bench on Hunmanby Railway Station platform 1


In Spring 2023, the bench has been taken under cover to repair some rot, and to give the bench a sand down and a fresh coat of paint. The station friends group are aiming to have the bench back on platform 1 for the summer holidays.

Updated 8.4.2023