The Yorkshire Wolds Coast railway line, unusual trains at Hunmanby Station


Though a rural railway line, the line through the village sees the occasional special train. There are no freight flows, for a couple of years no excursion trains. Here are some photos from recent years


Network Rail Rail Grinding train at Hunmanby Railway Station



Photo above: The York, Network Rail Yard to Hunmanby, Rail Grinder Train working 8th October 2020

When passenger trains are not running, Network Rail engineers have possession of the railway track to carry out maintenance. This work is carried usually out overnight. Network Rail staff and their contractors work anti-social hours in all weather conditions to enables disruption of passenger trains to be limited to just large projects. On larger projects like relaying long sections of track, i.e. from Hunmanby towards Speeton, a weekend possession of the tracks is planned. (This may be over several weekends) Very occasionally a large complex project may require a more extensive closure of the line, recently this happen when Scarborough station was re-modelled and re-signalled. This year there will be a large project at Bridlington station. In all cases where trains cannot run, a rail replacement bus service is then provided. The rail replacement bus stops outside the village station on Bridlington Street/Bridlington Road by the level crossing going toward Bridlington, and in the lay-by outside God's Acre on Bridlington Street going towards Scarborough. Just because no passenger trains are running, overnight, does not mean there are no trains, which is why Network Rail work hard to promote rail safety and not to trespass on the railway tracks.




Hunmanby was the destination of one Network Rail's state of the art new £36 million Rail Grinding Machines. This link gives full details.

Network Rails new Rail Grinding Train




Network Rail Rail Grinding train at Hunmanby Railway Station


The train came from Network Rail's York depot, arriving in Hunmanby after the last passenger service shortly after 10pm on Thursday 8th October 2020 and was working on the rails as far as Speeton. The train worked overnight, and the line was re-opened for the first passenger train from Hunmanby to Scarborough at 6.25am on Friday morning.




The Rail Industry offers great job opportunities for young engineers.




 Network Rail Special Train


Above, Network Rail test train visits the down platform at dawn 8th January 2020


APRIL 2018

 Spirit of the Lakes Special Pullman Charter Train at Hunmanby


Above: On Saturday 14th April 2018, West Coast Railway ran a special 'Spirit of the Lakes' Pullman Car train to Carlisle. The service stopped at Hunmanby. It offered the choice of full dinning on board, as well as first class and standard class accommodation. The train travelled along the famous Settle & Carlisle line and returned via the Tyne Valley route and back to Hunmanby via Durham and York.

 Spirit of the Lakes Return special charter train


Above: West Coast Railways return 'Spirit of the Lakes' Pullman Car Train returning towards Scarborough, passengers from the village having got off after an enjoyable day out in Carlisle. The train was hauled by two, Brush Type 4 Locomotives. Built at Crewe and Brush's Falcon Works at Loughborough. The Class 47 Diesel locomotives were the most numerous main line diesel locomotives in the British Railways Fleet.  The train was hauled by locomotives47245 and 47772. 


Spirit of the Lakes returning Pullman Car train at Hunmanby


The times for this train are recorded by a dedicated team at the website Six Bells Junction



Western Charter Train at Hunmanby Railway Station


Above: D1015, Western Champion approaching Hunmanby Railway Station on 17th December 2016.


 Western Diesel Engine arriving in Hunmanby



The train is organised by 'Pathfinder Railtours' called 'The Yuletide East Yorkshireman'  and started from Swindon at 05:42. These diesel hydraulic were built by British Railways Western Region between 1961 - 1964. Each had a name. Their non-standard design leading to higher costs, led to the icon locomotives being withdrawn from service from the early 1970's.

 Western Charter Train at Hunmanby Railway Station





Above: Arrival of the Western Locomotive into the Platform 2 at Hunmanby. The Timings for this train are available at the useful website Six Bells Junction







JUNE 2014

Special Charter Train Oliver Cromwell at Hunmanby


Above 28th June 2014, Oliver Cromwell No 70013 arriving at Hunmanby from London Kings Cross on the way to Scarborough. The train was organised by The Railway Touring Company 'The East Ridings'

The details of this train journey are available at the useful website six bells junction




 Steam Engine 48151 at Hunmanby platform 1


Dozens of spectators came down to see Stanier 8F 'Gauge O Guild' No 48151 at Hunmanby railway station on 28th September 2011. The first steam train through the village for 5 years. The train was returning to Skegness from Scarborough. The 'Scarborough Spa Steam Special'


48151 at Hunmanby taken from Scarborough platform entrance


20th OCTOBER 2010 Heavy Snowfall on the East Coast


Heavy Snowfall at Hunmanby Railway Station October 2010 photo thanks to Network Rail



The Photo above is thanks to Network Rail. It was taken on Monday 20th December 2010. The two Class 37 Diesel Locomotives owned by Direct Rail Services each have  snowploughs attached and are pictured at Hunmanby Railway Station, following a heavy fall of snow. When passenger trains are not running, Network Rail often carry out repairs and maintenance to the railway tracks.


JULY 1992

Class 20 Charter Train at Scarborough

Thanks to Mike Turner for the above photo:

Class 20 locomotives, 20214 and 20121 shunt out the coaching stock off a railtour into Scarborough Carriage Sidings. The Pathfinder Raitour 'The Two Roses Voyager' on 19th July 1992, had just done the Hull to Scarborough Line through Hunmanby, which was and still is unusual for locomotive hauled passenger trains

A useful website is Six Bells Junction amongst the wealth of information compiled is a section  called 'The Rail Tour Files' listing some special trains back more than a Century!

This is the link to The Two Roses Voyager 

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