Visit to Hutton Cranswick March 2018 + Covid Resilience Awards 2021


In March 2018, Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station were kindly offered a trip on the local Northern Rail network to a station to gain ideas for improving Hunmanby railway station. The group selected, Hutton Cranswick as it is a village with many similarities to Hunmanby, being a village, having had an unstaffed station for many years with two platforms and long-standing involvement from the village 'In Bloom' group to make the station a community asset.


 Visit to Hutton Cranswick in Bloom


The group of 8 had a very warm welcome from Hutton Cranswick in Bloom. The Friends group were not only showed around the station but given a tour of the old station buildings by their current owner. This was followed by a tour of the village finishing at the village garden centre for refreshments.


Visit to Hutton Cranswick in Bloom Picture of Hutton Cranswick still in the grip of winter.


Just like Reighton Nursery is so supportive of village projects in Hunmanby, Hutton Cranswick have had generous support from their village garden centre. The support of local traders is so often vital for village community projects.


Visit to Hutton Cranswick in Bloom  Admiring the steam train on the Hull platform


 Photograph Below: The challenge that gardening the long border is it is a thirsty, clinker based 'soil'  


Visit to Hutton Cranswick in Bloom 




"Wheels of Fortune"

Visit to Hutton Cranswick Replica Train


For many years platforms on the Hull/Scarborough line have provided a pleasant garden backdrop for travellers, through the hard work of Hutton Cranswick in Bloom. Despite pandemic restrictions volunteers kept planting under control and maintained drought-resistant displays. New volunteers undertook a re-paint/re-furbish of our replica train and have recently added two wooden planters shaped ads trucks, constructed as a fund-raiser by a resident in support of a local steam railway charity. These have added to the Station charm and directed funds towards an appropriate local cause.

Visit to Hutton Cranswick New Coaches in the station

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