Village Path 10, 'Green Lane' to Constable Road. Not listed as a public right of way.  One of three links to the Green Lane from Constable Road. This short, grassed link path to the Constable Road garages a useful link to access 'green lane' young people play area and nice walk along Sheepdyke Lane, the nearest quiet 'country lane' in the village. 


'Green Lane' to Constable Road footpath, by garages, Hunmanby 


Photo above: Footpath 'Green Lane' to Constable Road by the garages. One of three footpaths that link the Constable Road estate with the 'Green Lane'


Hunmanby Village path 10, Constable Road, garage site to 'Green Lane'


Map above: Village path 10, Constable Road garage site to 'Green Lane' 


Constable Road Garage Site to 'Green Lane' footpath, Hunmanby


 Photo above Constable Road Garage Site to 'Green Lane' footpath