Walks and Cycling Hunmanby Pinfold and Lockup


Photograph above, the Pinfold and Lock Up on Sheepdyke Lane, Hunmanby

Hunmanby Heritage Day


The events were held on Saturday 11th September and were very well attended by visitors and residents. History exhibitions were staged in the White Swan, a former coaching inn and  Wrangham House the former vicarage and home of the early 19th century Archdeacon Francis Wrangham. A pop-up museum of village life was held in the Parish Council room at the Community Centre alongside a display reflecting the historic Garden Association. All Saints church was open and visitors were shown around the church by the churchwardens and the early Victorian Lock up known locally as the black hole had a steady stream of curious visitors. Although due to health and safety it was locked a volunteer was on hand to explain its history and demonstrate the use of shackles from the lock up.


Bayley gardens had an information point and stalls from Hunmanby in Bloom and the Railway station was busy with visitors including our local MP, borough and county councillors all visiting along with Railway managers and Frank Paterson who started work for the London North Eastern Railway in 1946. The day was organised by Hunmanby Parish Council Gateway Committee in association with the National Heritage Open Days scheme. As such thanks goes to all who volunteered on the day and during the build-up and the organisations that helped make the day a success.


All Saints Church


Heritage Day All Saints Church Interior, Hunmanby



 Photo Above, Interior of All saints Church, Hunmanby. Photo thanks to Steve


Spring Cafe


 Bridlington Street Spring Cafe Tim & Joy


Photo above: Spring Cafe a Community Cafe run by All Saints Church, popular with cyclists and walkers


Hunmanby Community Centre


Heritage Day, Community Centre Interior, Hunmanby


Photo above: Display inside Hunmanby Community Centre, photo thanks to Steve


Wrangham House Hotel

 Bridlington Street Wrangham House outside


Photo above: Wrangham House Hotel, Grade II listed Georgian Period House


Community Facilities The Cross on Cross Hill 3


Photo above: Cross Hill, War Memorial, the Local History Group have recorded details of the many sites of interest in Hunmanby, especially local people's stories.


Hunmanby Local History Group


 Bridlington Street White Swan NHS


Photo above: The White Swan, Old Coaching Inn in the heart of the village

White Swan Inn


 Community Facilities The Cross on Cross Hill 1


Photo Above: Cross Hill one of the many public open spaces looked after with the support of the village caretakers by Hunmanby in Bloom


Hunmanby in Bloom


Hunmanby Parish Council

Heritage Day, Hunmanby Parish Council Archive


Photo above, Hunmanby Parish Council Archive, photo thanks to Steve

George & Yanina Sheeran


Bayley Gardens Management Committee.

Heritage Day, Bayley Gardens, Hunmanby


Photo above: Bayley Gardens, decorated for the special day, starting point for Heritage Day in Hunmanby, Photo thanks to Steve


Hunmanby Garden and Produce Association.


Friends of Hunmanby Station


 Scarborough entrance, bug hotels made by year 4 pupils at Hunmanby Primary School


Photo above: Bug Hotels made by pupils from Hunmanby Primary School during the COVID-19 pandemic, beside the Hunmanby brick sign and Lavender Box kindly constructed by the Community Payback team a decade ago. Photo thanks to Sharon

Article kindly written by, Councillor Steve Rose, Hunmanby Parish Council


The full details of the village event that day is on the National Heritage week webpage

If you would like to learn more about local history, Hunmanby Local History Group have a series of interesting talks, further details from Hunmanby Local History Group Facebook page



Down at the Station....


Hunmanby Railway Station was one of the attractions open in Hunmanby village on Saturday 11th September 2021


Heritage Day The North Eastern Railway tile for Hunmanby


Photo above: The Yorkshire Wolds Tiles, part of the North Eastern Railway Tile Map at Hunmanby Railway Station


Further details on the funding and putting up of the North Eastern Railway Tile Map is on the North Eastern Railway Tile Map webpage


Heritage Day, looking at the Tile Map at Hunmanby Station


Photo above, looking at the North Eastern Railway Tile Map on Platform 1 at Hunmanby Station, photo thanks to Paul


As the theme for the national event was edible produce, Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station, helped by local allotment holders and home gardeners had a table with home grown flowers, vegetables and fruit that was free to take away.



Heritage Day, getting ready at Hunmanby station


Photo above and below: getting ready, early on Saturday morning, photo thanks to Paul


Heritage Day, wheelbarrow of garden produce, Hunmanby station


There was a collecting tin if people wished to give a donation to Hunmanby Cancer Fund and £66.38 was raised for this local village group on the day.


Heritage Day at Hunmanby looking towards the old goods shed


Photo above: A warm welcome from village volunteers providing 'meet and greet' at one of the two produce stalls. Photo thanks to Paul 


Heritage Day, promoting the Free Fridge project to cut food going to landfill, Hunmasnby railway station


Photo above, the Heritage Day also help to raise awareness of the Hunmanby Free Fridge project to reduce the amount of food going to landfill. 


This was the third time Friends of Hunmanby Railway station had organised a 'harvest giveaway' in the village. The first was held in September 2020 this is the link to the harvest giveaway webpage

Spare flowers, fruit and vegetables were taken the next day to the Hunmanby Free Fridge project, so there was no wastage.


Heritage Day at Hunmanby, photo of Frank Paterson with North Eastern Railway Tile Map


Photograph above is of Frank Paterson, who started work for the London North Eastern Railway in 1946 as a junior clerk and rose to be General Manager of British Rail Eastern Region. Frank, kindly came to Hunmanby as he serves on the Advisory Panel of the Railway Heritage Trust. Photo thanks to Paul.


Heritage Day, group photograph of how the tile map was put up at Hunmanby station


Photo above. A group photograph of people involved with the North Eastern Tile Map project


Heritage Day offered a chance for people involved with the tile map project to get together, from left to right, John Edmond, local builder who installed the tile map (B Edmond & Son); Eden Blyth from the North Eastern Tile Company; John & Monica Bridge owner of the station house wall; Chris Edmond, local builder who installed the tile map (B Edmond & Son); Pete Myers, Stakeholder Manager, Northern Rail; Richard Isaac, Regional Community & Sustainability Manager, Northern Rail; Graham North, Strategic & Performance Officer (BES) – Rail Strategic Support Service, North Yorkshire County Council; and Frank Paterson who serves on the Advisory Panel of the Railway Heritage Trust, 



Heritage Day, garden produce and heritage on the Scarborough platform at Hunmanby


Photo above, garden produce and heritage on the Scarborough (down) platform with the sun shining and a gentle breeze. photo thanks to Paul.  

'Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery'. How fast things change, a week after Paul took this photo, the 'Northern Rail' 'Hunmanby sign' was rebranded into Great British Railways new standard, black lettering on a white back ground. By the end of October 2021, resignalling and track renewals at Bridlington will leave the only traditional semaphore signals on the line between Hull and Scarborough at Gristhorpe. 


Heritage Day Group Photo at Hunmanby Railway Station


Photograph above is of invited guests. It is probably the largest such gathering since the station opened in 1847, and includes, as well as Frank Paterson, our Member of Parliament, local councillors, Filey Lions, Railway Managers and Consultants, Council Officers from North Yorkshire and Scarborough Borough Council, railway staff past and present, the North Eastern Tile Map Company, the local builders who erected the tile map, Rail Future, The Yorkshire Coast Community Rail Partnership, Towards a Geopark for East Yorkshire Working Group, the local radio station, and residents from Hunmanby who provided 'meet and greet on the day' Photo thanks to Paul


The event was the most complex the station group had put on, with the tile map being finished with a few weeks to spare, and a harvest giveaway at the same time.


Heritage Day, Community Rail Award and marrow paperweights on the information stall at Hunmanby station


Photo above, 'Marrow' paperweights to hold down literature on the information table with the 1st prize trophy that Hunmanby village won in the National Community Rail Awards, during the pandemic in December 2020. Photo thanks to Paul.


Heritage Day, then and now photos at Hunmanby Station


Photo above: 'Then and Now' at Hunmanby. Photo thanks to Paul


Special thanks for the use of photographs taken by John Bateman in 1969. They were taken when the whole railway line from Hull to Scarborough was put forward for closure.  The photographs are now in the archive of the Historical Model Railway Society Collection, a registered charity formed 70 years ago. If you would like copies, they can be obtained for a small charge through this link to the Historical Model Railway Society. Their website has an amazing collection of archived photographs free to view. The Charity would welcome donations of old railway photographs, so the countries railways history can be recorded. 

The modern-day photographs from the same vantage point were kindly taken by David.


Heritage Day at Hunmanby 'time team' display


Photo above: Part of the 'time team' display Photo thanks to Paul


The following railway artefacts have been ‘unearthed’ or dug up over the last 15 years when gardening.


 North Eastern Railway (Existed 1854 to 31.12.1922)


Old broken trolley wheels for moving parcels and luggage (can you see it when it still was being used in 1969 in the old station photographs webpage?

Fossil Ammonite much older than the railways, probably from discarded clinker from steam engines used in land consolidation at the station

Traditional wooden railway bench restored by John & Monica Bridge, a COVID-19 lockdown project. Its early life was inside the station buildings, until the station became unstaffed, and it was put on a concrete base and a 'bus shelter' built around it. This preserved it, as the only way the bench could be removed, was by taking down the 'bus shelter' this happen in 2019, and also revealed the 38-year-old 'Kellogg's Poster'

Further details about old poster and the railway bench from the railway bench webpage

 From the London North Eastern Railway (Existed 1.1.1923 to 31.12.1947)

 Signal cable wire wheel (from the old signal box)

 Telegraph Insulator Pot/Porcelain


From British Railways (Existed 1.1.1948 to 1994)

Galvanised BR bucket. Used for sand.

Expiry Date 31.5.1983 Free Rail Tickets for Children Poster with Kellogg's


And finally a thank you to all our local councillors at Hunmanby Parish Council, Scarborough Borough Council, and North Yorkshire County Council and their officer and staff, along with our Member of Parliament for their support. Their time and help over many years have seen the village station improve, for visitors and local residents. The railway station is now a great 'gateway' to Hunmanby.


Heritage Day, our local councillors, local community worker and Member of Parliament at Hunmanby station


Photo above, Harvey, Chairman, Hunmanby Parish Council; Kevin, Member of Parliament for Thirsk & Malton; Michelle, Hunmanby Ward Councillor, Scarborough Borough Council; Billa, Community Regeneration Officer Scarborough Borough Council; and Paul, Hunmanby Ward Councillor, Scarborough Borough Council.


Bradford Community Broadcasting:

Tim Moon from Bradford Community Broadcasting (B.C.B Radio) kindly came to Hunmanby to record the event which was part of his hour long  'Transported'  programme the following week.


This is the link to the programme Tim produced at BCB Radio

Tim also produced a Youtube video 'Transport Video Extra' this is the link to the Transported Vido Extra  which features Bridlington station and Hunmanby Heritage Day

Tim's programme is on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 6pm on 106.6FM around West Yorkshire and on the web and devices.



Looking forward to 2022

175 years since the Hull to Scarborough railway line opened

This years event was a good way to work up ideas for next year the 175th anniversary of the line through Hunmanby opening. The building of the section of line was completed in 1847 between Filey and Bridlington via Hunmanby. This enabled the first trains to run the full length of Hull to Scarborough railway line


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