Helpful information about using Public Transport to Scarborough Rugby Club

(Especially those without a free bus pass)


If you Google 'Hunmannby to Scarborough Rugby Club', then select the public transport option it will show your journey, you can map it, and it shows which bus stop to use etc.


Getting there you have two options:


Bus from Hunmanby to Scarborough and Bus to the Scalby, Barmoor Lane or Barmoor Green

or Train from Hunmanby to Scarborough and bus to Scalby, Barmoor Lane or Barmoor Green


The bus service from Hunmanby to Scarborough and return is hourly

There are 3 bus services an hour from Scarborough towards the Barmoor Lane or Barmoor Green, 2 different bus operators


The train service is currently a train once every hour, with extra trains into Scarborough in the morning peak.



The return fare per person could cost £14.10 or £8.30, two people could be as cheap as £13.10 (ie £6.55 each)

It depends on what services you use, how flexible you are, and which tickets you buy.


The Bus Option:

 The return bus fare to Scarborough is £9.50 (A Coaster ticket is £10 which can be used Scalby, if the service is operated by East Yorkshire Motor Services, not on the Arriva bus towards Whitby)

The bus fare Scarborough to Scalby, Barmoor Lane or Barmoor Green is £2.30 single or £3.90 return (These are EYMS prices as an example)



The Train and bus option

The train fare leaving before 9am Monday to Friday is £6.70 return to Scarborough

after 9am, or anytime on Saturday, an off-peak return is £5.60. If two are travelling a Duo Ticket is £8.40

At Hunmanby station when buying your ticket at the ticket machine it offers the option of buying a SCARBOROUGH PLUS BUS ticket as well in the transaction, always do this (unless you have a free bus pass) It is available to passengers with a rail ticket. The Scarborough Plus Bus ticket can be used on any bus to and from Scalby. So, you can use it on the EYMS bus services and the Arriva Bus to towards Whitby. Adult price is £2.70 railcard holder price £1.80.  Further details from the Scarborough Plus Bus webpage

A train ticket (with Plus Bus added if required) must be purchased before your board the train, bought either from the ticket vending machine or on-line. Further details of how to purchase on line from the Northern Rail website. Train tickets can be collected at Hunmanby station using the purchase code given. You can also purchase direct to your phone further details from the Northern Rail free mobile app Note that this route does have a penalty fares system in place to prevent ticketless travel.  In exceptional circumstances, the Plus Bus option can be added to a train ticket upon arrival at Scarborough station.

The ticket vending machine at Hunmanby station dispenses both tickets and promise to pay slips for those not possessing credit/debit cards.  A customer may only board a train with a valid ticket or a promise to pay (if they do not have a card to pay the conductor can only sell them a ticket on board for cash). The only other time a customer can board without a ticket is when the ticket machine is out of service. In this case it is advised that a screen shot of the machine is taken as evidence. Alternatively, if they call the CEC on 0800 200 60 60 option 4, the Northern Rail team can report any issues and sometimes get the machine rebooted or ask the engineer to remotely see why there is a problem and try and sort it out before you need to board the train



Journey Time

Bus throughout around 1 hour 20 minutes

Train and Bus around 1 hour



Things to consider:


Bus operator to and from Scalby

Check your bus stand's location in Scarborough

Check the bus stop location for the return from Scalby

If using the train, always get a PLUS BUS ticket, it is valid on both Arriva Bus to Whitby and the EYMS service.



The above information aims to help explain how to get to the Vaccination Centre using public transport from Hunmanby. If the information above could be improved, please


or phone Nick on 07895 981483


Updated 20.10.2021