Improving signage for visitors to Hunmanby Railway Station



Old Bridlington Street Sign at Hunmanby Railway Station

Above Photograph: The old 'Bridlington Street' sign by the level crossing. It was metal sign was quiet worn, circa 1965?


Friends of Hunmaby Railway Station volunteers look after flower beds at the unstaffed village station. With more visitors exploring and staying in the historic village Hunmanby, a frequently asked question on getting off the train was which was to go to the village centre or the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery on the Industrial Estate. The village station is surrounded by countryside, and it was not immediately obvious which direction to take. Friends of Hunmanby Railway Station arranged a very positive site meeting with Paul Buck from Scarborough Borough Council, who arranges street signs. Attending were our local Parish, Borough and County Councillors.  Paul and his team kindly designed new street signs that incorporated direction signs to the village and industrial estate. Paul sent proofs of the design so they could be circulated around interested residents, Hunmanby Parish Council and local businesses, to ensure the wording was correct. 


New Bridlington Street sign pointing the way to Hunmanby Village at Hunmanby Railway Station

Photo Above: New Bridlington Street Sign, pointing the way to the village 


The result is three smart new street signs have been installed.  This has been a great help as Hunmanby Railway Station Level Crossing is the junction of Bridlington Street (to the village centre) and Bridlington Road towards Reighton. A further complication was that Bridlington Street, was previously called 'Station Road.' 


New Bridlington Street sign pointing the way to Hunmanby Village

Photo above: Smart new Bridlington Street Sign pointing the way to the village at the entrance to the Scarborough platform


Previously there was no street sign, at the entrance to the station. By having 4 signs in total, it is now much easier for emergency services and delivery vehicles as well as visitors to find their destination. The signs look very smart and have helped enhance the railway station as a Gateway to the village.



Bridlington Road sign for the Industrial Estate outside Hunmanby Railway Station

Photo above: New street sign showing clearly the way to the Industrial Estate


There was also no street sign facing visitors as they came out of the railway station on Platform 1, towards Bridlington and Hull. The brand-new sign showing the way to the Industrial Estate has been a great help. Hunmanby Industrial Estate employs over 350 people and is very close to the station, the improved hourly train service has seen more people use the train to commute into Hunmanby each day. The Industrial Estate is also the location of the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery which is a major new visitor attraction. Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery actively promote people to use the train to visit the distillery and have a special offer if you come by train, rather than car. The Industrial Estate being less than 10 minutes' walk from the village station. 


Updated 19.10.2021