Hunmanby Railway Station Improvements


Over the last few years, Northern Railway have invested a large amount of money, improving the village station's facilities.



The new ticket machine at Hunmanby Railway Station on Platform 2


Photo Above: The station now has a ticket machine.

The new ticket machine is located on the Scarborough platform,(Platform 2)  in the new waiting shelter. It is handy as you can pick up tickets purchased in advance over the internet here. When you book a ticket on the internet, the 8-figure code can be used at any station with a working ticket machine. 

A useful page on the Northern Railway's Website is the Northern Railway Journey Check page

for example on this webpage, if you look under 'station updates' it would list any know problems with ticket machines etc)

New waiting shelter and real time information at Hunmanby Railway Station


Photo above: The new waiting shelter and real time information display. Both platforms have new shelters, this one is on Platform 1.


Friendly on train Northern staff at Hunmanby Railway Station



Photo above: The staff on the local line are very friendly, this photo shows one of the new 3 coach Turbo Star trains that form most of the services on the local line.


2 Turbo Stars Class 170 trains at Hunmanby Railway Station


Photo Above, thanks to David. Class 170 Turbo Star Trains at Hunmanby Railway station.

Due to the single track on the railway line between Hunmanby and Bridlington, most hourly train services pass in Hunmanby railway station. (This is usually around 20 minutes past each hour) Both railway tracks remain between Hunmanby and Filey.

Updated 8.4.2023