Bug Hotels made by school children from the village


Colourful bug hotel at Hunmanby Railway Station

 Photo above: A close up of one of the new bug hotels at Hunmanby railway station

During a challenging year, the railway station has become a haven not just for local residents but for the wildlife. 'Spikey' the Hedgehog (named by local children) made a nest of leaves between the hazel bush and the level crossing gate. With the sudden change in the weather hibernation has finished and foraging has started. The rabbit population is controlled by the local weasels who have a nest on the station. The Tawny Owl can be heard in the late afternoon in the trees, the roost is between the station and Sands Lane, the railway station part of the hunting area for mice and voles. With Spring in the air, the robin, blackbirds and thrush are starting to sing.


Bug Hotel Hunmanby Railway Station

Photo above: John & Monica attaching the new bug hotels to the fence posts 


The planting at Hunmanby Railway station is mainly perennial plants, and bulbs, the later great for the bees and insects which are hungry after the winter and few flowers are available in late winter/early spring. Several are chosen mainly to encourage wildlife. Like teasel and comfrey.


Year 4 pupils from Hunmany Primary School with their bug hotels at the entrance to the Scarborough Platform

Photo above: thanks to Sharon, thumbs up from Year 4 pupils, to the new bug hotels


A 'tidy garden' is not great for wildlife, bugs need somewhere to over winter, somewhere undisturbed, leaves, old tree stumps, old seed heads. To ensure the local insects have some extra habitat for the areas that are now less overgrown, local school children have started making some 'bug hotels'


Year 4 pupils from Hunmanby Primary School with there new bug hotels, Spring 2021

photo above:  thanks to Sharon, are of local children, Bethany, Dylan, Minnie and Keira in year 4 at Hunmanby Primary School with their new bug hotels brightening up the station


This helps to provide a bit more habitat for insects. They are made from the frame of a bird box, kindly donated by Hunmanby in Bloom, the inside constructed from foraged materials, there are now 5 on the Scarborough platform, made by pupils from Hunmanby School, each one is different.


Bug Hotel at Hunmanby Railway Station


Photo above: John & Monica with the bug hotels. The Hunmanby sign was constructed by the Community Payback team who worked hard creating both the brick sign and large planter made of old railway sleepers, over a decade ago, and built to last. In the background is the North Eastern Railway Station House.


Wildlife, bee on a geranium


Photograph above is thanks to Paul, a close up of a bee on a geranium


Wildlife, bee on an allium

Photo above thanks to Paul of a bee on an allium


Updated 19.10.2021