Saturday 25th May 2019 Village Launch of new hourly train service


  Putting up Hunmanby Primary School's Artwork at the village station


On Saturday 25th May 2019, Hunmanby Village School Art Class produced pictures of village scenes, to help launch the new hourly train service. They were displayed at the entrance to the village station. Brightening up the station.


 Hunmanby village launch of the new hourly train service May 2019


Picture taken of on a glorious Spring Day with village residents. Supported by our local Member of Parliament, Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Chairman of Hunmanby Parish Council, North Yorkshire County Council Rail Officer, Northern Rail Stakeholder Manager, local County, Borough and Parish Councillors both current and retired, reflecting the hard work put in over many years building a case for a regular hourly train service.


Launch of the New hourly train service with local councillors and our Member of Parliament May 2019


Photograph taken of local councillors and retired councillors, our member of Parliament, Leader of the Council, and officers from local government and Northern Railways who worked to together to from the 1990's to 2019 to achieve a regular, year-round, hourly train service, 7 days a week between Scarborough and Hull. 

Updated 22.10.2021