Tour de Yorkshire 2022


Sadly this event has been cancelled please read this link to webpage about Tour de Yorkshire 2022


Sadly the 2020 Tour de Yorkshire was also cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Tour de Yorkshire Cycle Race in 2020 will pass about 2 miles from Hunmanby Village. The route takes in Reighton village, along the old Coast Road. (Used by the Wolds Cycle Route) and on past The Bay, and Haven Holiday Park.

To get from Hunmanby Railway Station to the route, you can have three choices. (In the leaflet rack at the entrance to the Scarborough platform are 2 free leaflets, the Heritage Trail, and the Flower Trail both with useful maps inside of the village)

Either turn left out of the station, up Bridlington Road, turn left on the Industrial Estate Road, past the Spirit of Yorkshire Distillery (good stop for refreshments in the Pot Still Café) At the end of the Distillery Road, continue past the barrier along the track, past Hunmanby Bowling Club to your left and Hunmanby Playing Fields on your right. At the junction with the road, Sands Lane, turn right, and continue on Sands Lane until it meets the main coast road. This is where the Tour de Yorkshire will be passing.

Slightly longer, avoiding the climb to the Industrial Estate, this route is from the railway station, turn right, along Bridlington Street, towards the village centre, past The Folly, you than can take the first turning on your right, which is Sands Lane, you following this road all the way to the coast road for the cycle race.

The third option, (longer) to take in the best of the Historic Village is, turn right out of the railway station, along Bridlington Street, past The Folly, continue the full length of Bridlington Street through the heart of the village, plenty of facilities, see what Hunmanby has to offer page. Continue up Church Hill, past All Saints Church, past the Heritage Phone Box, and Sebastopol Bed created and looked after by Hunmanby in Bloom. From here turn right down Stonegate, the road bends back on itself, and you get a lovely view of the old chalk cottages. The main road goes to Malton bears left, don't take the road straight ahead (Northgate) 

This takes you past the Horseshoe Public House on your left. Then take Sheepdyke Lane, at this road junction is the old village Lock Up and Pinfold. You pass Low Hall, a former Manor (privately owned) and continue under the railway line to a road junction with Sands Lane. Here turn left and it is a pleasant walk along the country lane to the main coast road where the cycle race passes.

Updated 22.10.2021