Borestone & Stirling Curling Club      2015/16 season -- results      
  Winners Commentary Trophy Club Trophy Winner
Club Games        
Summer Bonspiel Joe, Alan S, Alix, John see report.  The Corston Sinclair Cup 2015 -- Joe Kincaid
Opening Bonspiel Gordon, Tom, Richard, Rona Gordon v Alan P 11-3; Anne v Gavin 11-6 Canadian Ladies Quaich Gordon Murphy
1st and 2nd League Rona, Tom, Liz Rona v Fiona 6-2; Rona v Jill 5-4; Jill v Fiona 8-1 ?? Rona Dingwall
Pairs Gordon, Rob Runners up Fraser and Dave ?? Gordon Murphy, Rob Smith
Stevenson Trophy Fiona, Alix, Liz   Stevenson Trophy Fiona Wilson
Autumn League Fraser, Rob, David, Janice and Sue 12 points and 25 Shots up; runners up Anne's team Morrison Trophy Fraser Russell
Oswald Trophy Philip, Fraser, Laura, Dave   Oswald Trophy Philip Allison
KO Mark, Gordon, Fiona, (Janice and Gavin)   Knockout Trophy Mark Duguid
Points Fraser 29 points The Malcolm Shield Fraser Russell
Spring League Rob, Alan S, Tom, Rona   President's Trophy Rob Smith
Closing Bonspiel Philip, Tom, Laura, Edmond Philip v Joe 9-3; John v Fraser 6-4 ?? Philip Allison
        Bottles required
Interclub Games        
v Airthrey Castle Won by B&S 16-13 Alan P, Anne, John, Alan S; Fraser, Gavin, Philip, Clare The James Morton Cup  
v Torbrex Won by B&S 13-8;  Mark, Gordon, Gavin and Jill — Alan P, John, Richard and Philip Torbrex Broom  
v Bonnybridge Won by B&S 8-3; Mark, Fraser, John, Philip shots 8-8; ends 4-3 Bonnybridge Quaich  
v Sauchie & Bannockburn Lost to S&B 13-10   The Polmaise Trophy  
Province Matches        
Province KO Kilsyth beat Torbrex 7-5 in the final B&S knockout by Denny in the first round    
Dunn Trophy Sauchie & Bannockburn 11 ends; Kilsyth 10 ends; B&S last Gordon, Anne, Gavin, John v SYC ends 4-3 shots 13-7; Mark, Tom, Janice, Alan S v S&B ends 0-5 shots 0-6    
Aitken Trophy Aitken Trophy won by B&S with 11 ends; Kilsyth second with 10 ends Derek, John, Janice, and Rob v Lenzie Ladies ends 6-2 shots 11-3; Mark, Anne, Alan S and Rona v Kilsyth ends 5-2 shots 7-3    
Murray Trophy Kilsyth 11 ends; Denny 10 ends B&S 6th out of 10    
Area 6 Matches        
Area 6 KO ?? Knocked out in 1st round by Doune    
Area 6 Bonspiel ??       
Alex Reid Memorial Trophy        
Alex Reid Won by B&S with 9 ends Gordon, Gavin, Graham, and Laura v Denny 5 ends up; Anne, Fraser, John, and Alan L v S&B 4 ends up    
Other Matches        
Indoor Grand Match South of Scotland Alan P, Anne, Philip, Alan S v BMA Ladies at Peak shots 6-6    
John, Rob, Jill, Rona v Stewarton Heather at Forfar shots 5-8    
Waldie Griffiths Overall winner ??? Stirlingshire Province won against Renfrewshire    
09:23, 24 Feb 2017 by John Mott
Borestone & Stirling Curling Club      2014/15 season -- results      
  Winners Commentary   Club Trophy Winner
Summer Bonspiel Joe, Gavin, Fiona  see report.  The Corston Sinclair Cup Joe Kincaid
Opening Bonspiel Fraser, Rob, Fiona (Alan S) Fraser v Alan P -- shots 15 to 0 : Anne v Philip -- shots 9 to 2   Fraser Russell
1st and 2nd League Jill, Edmond, Fiona and (Sue) -- aggregate shots 10 to 6 Jill v Alan S -- 1st game shots 8 to 0: second game shots 2 to 6   Jill Patrick
Province KO Kilsyth won the Low Road Final Beaten by Kilsyth in round 1 -- ends 4 to 4: shots 9 to 5    
Area 6 KO Abandoned      
Pairs Alan P and Alan S Runners up Fraser and David H-L   Alan Prentice & Alan Semple
Dunn Trophy Kilsyth -- 11 ends and +11 shots B&S last with 6 ends and - 11shots    
v Torbrex Lost by 3 shots shots 10 to 9; 5 to 9 -- aggregate 15 to 18 Torbrex Broom  
Stevenson Trophy Rona, Don, Clare, Dave Rona v Jill -- shots 8 to 5: Fiona v Anne -- shots 6 to 5   Rona Dingwall
Autumn League Fraser, Gavin, Richard, Rona, Sue 10 points and 33 Shots up Morrison Trophy Fraser Russell
Oswald Trophy Don, Fraser, Richard, Fiona Joe v Philip -- shots 12 to 4 - ends 5 to 2: Don v Rob -- shots 11 to 3 - ends 6 to 2   Don MacLeod
v Bonnybridge Win -- Mark Anne, Rob, Alan P shots 8 to 8; ends 4 to 3 Bonnybridge Quaich  
Aitken Trophy S&B paired with Bonnybridge won with 11 ends Derek's team v Grangemouth won 5 ends to 3: Mark's team v FIRCC won 5 ends to 4: pipped into second place    
Area 6 Bonspiel Won by Forth and Endrick on 10pts Stirlingshire second on 6 pts: B&S team of Derek, Janice, Joe and Rob won shots 7 to 4 - ends 4 to 3    
KO Won by Gordon, Richard, Rob and Fiona v Fraser's team -- 10 shots to 4    Gordon Murphy
Points John with 31 points only 2 from B&SCC -- Fraser with Torbrex won on 38 pts -- John second   John Mott
v Sauchie & Bannockburn Win -- Fraser, Anne, Gavin, Alan S, Mark, John, Philip, Rona Mark -- shots 8 to 9: Fraser -- shots 8 to 2: aggregate 16 to 11 The Polmaise Trophy  
Alex Reid Second with 10 ends; winner Falkirk with 11 ends Derek, Richard, Janice, Dave v Bonnybridge -- 6 ends to 2: Gavin, Anne, John, Alan S v S&B -- draw 4 ends and 6 shots    
Murray Trophy Won by S&B we were 6/11    
v Airthrey Castle Won -- Alan P, Gordon, Rob, Rona; Mark, Fraser, John,Graeme Won 18-6; Alan P 4-5 and Mark 14-1 The James Morton Cup  
Spring League Won -- Rob, Anne, Don, Milen, Fiona, Liz 12 points and 21 shots up President's Trophy Rob Smith
Closing Bonspiel Won -- Graeme, Clare, Jill, Elizabeth Graeme 8 John 3; Gordon 8 Rob 6   Graeme Giles
09:20, 24 Feb 2017 by John Mott

Results 2013-14


Autumn League (Morrison Trophy) Alan Prentice, Anne Ferguson, Don McLeod, Alan Semple, Elizabeth Mansion and David Wright. (result amended following committee decision)


Spring League   (President’s Trophy) TBA


Opening Bonspiel  Alan Prentice, Alex McFeat, Alan Semple, Jill Patrick


Stevenson Trophy  Don McLeod, Gavin Drummond, Claire Giles, Milen Vladimirov


Oswald Trophy  Philip Allison, John Mott, Alan Semple, Milen Vladimirov


Closing Bonspiel


Pairs   Mark Duguid, Anne Ferguson


Knock Out




Torbrex          Won by Torbrex




Airthrey         Won by B&S 


Sauchie and Bannockburn

08:24, 23 Jan 2014 by Richard Norman


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