We are holding a joint points competition with Torbrex and Campsie Glen this year

The Points Competition is a singles game, where the player is set a particular shot to execute and can score 0, 1 or 2 point for each of the 4 attempts at each element.  There are 10 possible elements to try time permitting. Good fun and good practice for all. Come along and join in. Please let the secretary, John Mott know that you will be attending.

Examples of shots include:




Wick & Curl In


Draw Round Guard

Draw through a Port


Chap & Lie


RCCC rules and instructions 

 Well with five of us turning up for the Points Competition yesterday evening we covered our ice costs for the first time in years even making a profit of £2!!

Well done to Gordon who won with a score more than 4 times my measly effort.   Derek, Laura and Janice filled in the middle ground.    

I have the score card but will be destroying it shortly.