1850 To 1900


53 members +14 occasionals including Sir H.S.Stewart and Capt. Murray.


From the RCCC Annual our Patrons Col. Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise, Mrs. John Murray, and Lady
Agnes Murray. 30 members + 14 occasionals. Our President James Gray.
In the Grand Match at Castle Semple Loch, Lochwinnoch, on 8 January 1864 Borestone had 3 rinks, one skipped by Provost John Murrie of Stirling v. Dalry Union.


Lady Agnes Murray presented a silver snuffbox in the form of a curling stone to the club. This was found last
year and is shown below.


Andrew Oswald was on the Borestone committee. 29 members + 42 occasionals. Patrons Col. Murray and Mrs. John Murray of Touchadam and Polmaise. There was also a Stirling Castle club of which Provost
Christie was President, and a Stirling Club.


24 members + 33 occasionals. Stirling and Stirling Castle were also listed. In the Grand Match at Lochwinnoch on 12/1/1886 Stirling played for the South and had 4 rinks. Borestone also had 4 rinks under Col. Murray, Thomas Gillespie, Andrew Oswald, and J.T.Risk.


 Borestone President J.T.McLaren. 28 members + 44 occasionals. Stirling
and Stirling Castle also listed in the Year Book.

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