Alex Reid Trophy 16th & 23rd March 2023


16th March 23rd March









Date Day Time Game
March 16, 2023  Thursday  5:30pm Grangemouth
March 23, 2023  Thursday 5.30pm S&B



 The Alex Reid trophy is usually played for by 2 teams from each of the 8 clubs competing in this event. However, due to the ongoing ramifications of covid , the event was reduced to one team each. And so it was that, last week, Derek, Gordon, Alan and Laura played against the team they had been drawn against- Grangemouth. The game itself was very friendly and B&S comfortably beat Grangemouth (sadly neither Alan nor Laura can definitely remember the exact score (let's blame covid brain fog!) but we think it was 12-2). Three teams each won by 5 ends to 2 ends. And so, the match is judged on shots up. B&S scored +10  and Falkirk scored +11. 

Well done Derek, Gordon, Alan and Laura- coming in a very honourable second. Congratulations to Falkirk- who now have the joys of organising next year's competition!

2020 This bonspiel was cancelled due to the Covid19 lockdown 


Yesterday evening, having carefully looked after the Alex Reid Trophy over the passed year, Laura and I lugged it back to the Peak for this year’s competition.   I say carefully but that is stretching it a bit as the trophy resided in it’s box, irreverently called the pet’s coffin, in the corners of rooms and under the stairs for the whole time it had been entrusted to us.  Anyway yesterday evening’s story.   Derek’s team were out first with an excellent win against Larbert. As it tuned out only two teams B&S and Denny won their games, the other two games ending in draws.  So essentially it was a two horse race between ourselves and Denny.    Mark’s team thus took to the ice full of confidence in their fixture against Grangemouth.  Well the confidence gradually deflated as the game rolled on.   All I can say is we tried our best but, milord, "we just did not have the luck”!!      Suffice to say we lost and with Denny winning their second game they are the winners this year and thus the proud keepers of the trophy: maybe they will look after it better!   
Well done to Derek, Fraser, Janice and Ruth.   Commiserations to Mark, Alan L, John and Don at least they took part!!


Well we have gone and done it again — won the damn thing!! — the Alexander Reid Memorial Trophy to give it its full title. And convincingly too as we were the only club to win both games — Derek winning 9-4 on shots with 5 ends — Mark 8-2 on shots with 5 ends.

Very well done to both teams — Derek, Gordon, Rob and Tom — Mark, Fraser, Don and Alan L. Just registered that there is not much gender equality in these teams selections — oops — black mark for the committee!!

Now if you are of a sensitive disposition look away now — photo attached of the happy skips — well done guys. Also a photo of the boxed trophy being smuggled out of the Peak by two reprobates who have probably already been on the internet seeing how much they can get for it.

The downside is that we will be required to organise next year’s competition — any volunteers? There is also the required cleaning which will be down to Mark as he is currently the holder.