Morton Cup v Airthrey Wednesday5th October 2022 6:00pm

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Don Philip
Anne Jackie


 On 5th Oct, 2 teams battled it out for our annual match against Airthrey Castle for the Morton Trophy. On one rink we had our team of Alan, Gordon, Don and Anne against an Airthrey team skipped by Ian Riley. Our team had a close game but were beaten by 2 shots (B&S 3; Airthrey 5). On our other rink, we had Derek, Mark, Philip and Jackie against an Airthrey team skipped by Marcus Wood. In the end, B&S had a convincing 5 shot lead (B&S 9; Airthrey 4). This means that B&S retain the Morton Trophy for another year.


B&S had a team skipped by Derek (of Derek, Janice, Dave and Rhoda). B&S struggled with the slow ice speed on the outer rink and were down by 5 shots after 3 ends. However, the tide turned in end 4 with B&S taking a 1. B&S pressed their foot on the accelerator and then took a 3, a 3 and a 2 in the next 3 ends. Final score in that game B&S 9; Airthrey 5.

On the adjacent sheet,Laura was skipping team (of Laura, Tom, Gill and Erin). This game was very close- 4 all after 6 ends. So all to play for!. Laura managed to pull a very accurate draw shot (ably assisted by the sweepers Gill and Erin and skipped by Tom), on the very swingy ice, to just knock Airthrey's shot stone lying on the button back a few inches to take the final end by 1 shot. Final score in that game B&S 5; Airthrey 4.
Therefore B&S retained the Morton Trophy14 shots to Airthrey 9 on aggregate. 
First Interclub match for the season in the bag! 



The short story is a win by 2 shots for Borestone.  On Rink 1 Airthrey started with  3 shots on the first end which seemed to waken up John’s team who took the next 6 ends for a final score of 8 shots to 3.  On rink2 Alan L’s team was having a hard time down 6 shots by the 3rd end but a miraculous 5 at the fourth end for Alan redressed some of the grief for his team.  However Airthrey continued the pressure for a win for them of 9 shots to 6.  With aggregate scores of 14 - 12 the Morton Cup is back in our hands and now sits on my mantelpiece.   Well done to Alan L, Craig, Alan S, Gillian; John, Rob, Alan P and Gavin.  Some of us adjourned after the game to the restaurant for a well earned meal.



Look away now if you don’t wish to know the score!    The short report is that we lost — Anne’s team made a great recovery from a 4 shot loss in the second end to end up all square on 5 shots apiece going into the last end where AC picked up a point for a 6-5 final score.  Meanwhile Gordon’s team managed to get to the 5th end all square on 3 shots but thereafter it all went badly ending up 8-3 for AC.  
So AC who had brought the Morton Cup with them, took it out of a poly bag, handed it to Gordon who said a few words before handing it back to AC who put it back into the poly bag.  If only Brexit was as easy!



It always easier to tell you when we win something however not this time I'm afraid.  After winning this trophy 6 years on the trot we have loaned it to Airthrey Castle -- it is their turn to clean it!    Airthrey won 15-8 on aggregate with one match pealed 7-7 and the other a win of 8-1.   
Commiserations to Gordon, Fraser, Alan L, John, Craig, Graham, Alix and Jill who all fought valiantly for the honour of the club!!  There will however be an inquiry -- heads will roll, fingers will be pointed, fines will be imposed etc etc.