Stirlingshire Province Aitken Trophy


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Day Time Playing
January 23, 2023  Monday 15:00  FV Ladies
January 24, 2023  Tuesday 18:00  Denny




There is a change of format for the Province competitions- each team is independent- so there is no amalgamation of scores for 2 teams from the same club. This is to encourage smaller clubs to enter. Our team playing on 24th Jan versus Denny came in a close second to overall winners Kilsyth. Congratulations to Mark, Laura, Alan and Gillian with 5 ends, +7  shots up and 11 shots scored. Sadly, no trophies for coming second.




On Monday and Tuesday we took part in the Aitken Trophy competition and ....... didn’t win. We tried but not sufficiently good I’m afraid.
Gordon with Anne, Alan S and Craig were first up on Monday afternoon against Grangemouth and by all accounts had a good close game ending up on 7 shots each but 1 end down (4-3).
Next up yesterday evening was Alan L supported by Don, Alix and John playing against FIRCC (Falkirk Ice Rink CC). All I can say is that we tried but I’m afraid we were just not good enough losing 5-2 on ends and 6-4 on shots.
I think Denny were the winners — well that was what the Denny skip was saying!
So another trophy evades our grasp. Murray Trophy still to go in February and our last chance for glory.


In the first game against Denny, Derek's team won 5 ends to 2 and 11 shots to 2.   Sauchie and Bannockburn also got 5 ends but not so good on shots.  Alix subbed for Jill.  
In the second game against Campsie Glen, Fraser's team won 5 ends to 2 and 6 shots up.   So have we won??
Yes -- this is the third year running we have won this trophy -- well done to Derek, Rob, John and Alix; Fraser, Anne, Tom and Janice.  
Full results are:--- 


1. Borestone & Stirling Ends 10 Shots up 14 Shots scored 20

2. Sauchie & Bannockburn Ends 9 Shots up 8 Shots scored 13

3. Grangemouth Ends 9 Shots up 6 Shots scored 12

4. Bonnybridge/FIRCC Ends 7 Shots up 4 Shots scored 14

5. Virtual Club Ends 7 Shots up -3 Shots scored 11

6. Kilsyth Ends 7 Shots up -4 Shots scored 11

7. Torbrex/Campsie Glen Ends 6 Shots up 1 Shots scored 14

8. Falkirk Ends 5 Shots up -6 Shots scored 8

9. Falkirk Ladies Ends 5 Shots up -8 Shots scored 10

10. Denny Ends 5 Shots up -12 Shots scored 6


First game result -- We took 6 ends and 9 shots to 3.  We won first 5 ends and lying 3 in 6th when they got lucky with a hit and hope shot that game off for a single with last stone. 7th end they got one in and guarded and we just failled to draw with last stone and lost a 2. 8th end drew button with last stone to take a single.
Nobody else beat 6 ends so all to play for tomorrow night.

The bad news, although it might be good news for Gordon as he will not need to keep the trophy clean any longer, is that we did not manage to retain the Aitken Trophy coming second on 11 ends to Sauchie & Bannockburn’s 13 ends — full results below.  Well done to S&B. 

1.Sauchie & Bannockburn Ends 13 Shots up 20 Shots scored 22

2.Borestone & Stirling Ends 11 Shots up 15 Shots scored 20

3.Kilsyth Ends 8 Shots up 12 Shots scored 16

4. Denny Ends 8 Shots up 6 Shots scored 14

5. Falkirk Ladies Ends 6 Shots up -1 Shots scored 10

6. Virtual Club Ends 5 Shots up-10 Shots scored 7

7. Dollar Ladies/FIRCC Ends 4 Shots up-10 Shots scored 7

8. Falkirk Ends 3 Shots up -4 Shots scored 10

9. Grangemouth Ends 3 Shots up-12 Shots scored 6

10.Torbrex/Campsie Glen Ends 2 Shots up-15 Shots scored 5